Bukura Agricultural College details

  • Address: Box 23-50105 Bukura 50105 Bukura
  • Location: Bukura, Kenya
  • Telephone Number: 020 3505479
  • Email Address: principal@bukuracollege.ac.ke
  • Website: http://www.bukuracollege.ac.ke/

About Bukura Agricultural College

This is a State Corporation established by an Act of Parliament to provide middle level training in agriculture and related fields.The college was established in 1974.

Programs and courses

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Why Join Bukura Agricultural College

We are mandated to perform the following functions:
-Provide middle level training in agriculture and related fields
-Conduct research
-Carry out Outreach and Extension Services.

In order to ensure that we perform the above functions effectively, we strictly adhere to the following core values:
-Efficiency and Responsiveness

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