Moshi Institute of Technology details

  • Address: P.O.BOX 8734 Moshi,Kilimanjaro.
  • Location: Moshi, Tanzania
  • Telephone Number: +255 (0) 2727 50 53 1
  • Telephone Number 2: +255 (0) 756 020 696
  • Email Address:
  • Website:

About Moshi Institute of Technology

With its official launch more than a decade back in 2005, Moshi Institute of Technology training center offeres a diverse yet quality portfolio of courses. With the ambition to equip students with integral skills and knowledge to prepare them for a vast array of prospects, MIT offers a set of IT, design and language courses.

Advance the Frontiers of Technology

To provide a concentration and framework for in its constituent departments to formulate and design courses pertinent to technology, recognizing that technology has its priorities and its criteria for success: above all, technology trainers recognize a duty to influence and be influenced by society at large and to work towards the creation of wealth and an improved quality of life.

Programs and courses

Certificate Courses (34 courses)

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