UNISA Science Campus Florida-College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences details

  • Address: Physical address: Corner Christian de Wet Road and 28 Pioneer Avenue,
    Florida Park, Roodepoort 1709.
    Postal address: Private Bag X7
    Florida 1710
  • Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Telephone Number: -
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About UNISA Science Campus Florida-College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

The college is situated at the Unisa Science Campus in Johannesburg. The Unisa Science Campus is destined to grow research capacity and support research activities in the fields of agriculture and environmental sciences; as well as train students in these scarce skill areas. At Unisa's Science Campus with its leading edged laboratories (facilities not generally associated with open and distance e-learning institutions) our students have the opportunity to explore and do what every scientist lives to do – put theory into practice.

Programs and courses

Doctorate Courses (1 courses)

Masters Courses (1 courses)

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Faculties and Schools

1. The School of Agriculture and Life Sciences
- The Department of Life and Consumer Sciences: includes the Life Sciences that focuses on disciplines such as human physiology, biochemistry, botany, biology, microbiology, genetics and zoology. The focus areas on Consumer Sciences includes food, clothing and textiles, nutrition and hospitality.
- The Department of Agriculture, Animal Health: Where, the focus is on both plant and animal agricultural sciences, agricultural economics and extension, Animal health and Agribusiness.

2. The School of Human Ecology and Sustainability also has two departments:
- The Department of Geography, which focuses on environmental management as well as human and physical geography
- The Department of Environmental Sciences, includes all aspects of nature conservation, ornamental horticulture and landscaping, as well as environmental sciences, environmental monitoring and management.

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