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  • Address: Alexandria Town.
  • Location: Alexandria, Egypt
  • Telephone Number: 03 5921678
  • Telephone Number 2: 03 5921677 - 03 5921676
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About Alexandria University

In 1938, the nucleus of the Alexandria University (formerly known as Farouk University) had its beginning in the form of two faculties of Fouad the First University. These were the faculties of Arts and Law. The faculty of Engineering was then established in 1941.

In the light of the need for developing more disciplines for higher learning and with a view towards meeting the need of the people of Alexandria, Alexandria University became a separate entity in August 1942 with four additional faculties: Science, Commerce, Medicine and Agriculture.

In 1952, it became "Alexandria University". Since then, the University witnessed growth and expansion in several fields: the number of Faculties and high institutes increased to 22.

Vision :
Alexandria University aspires to restore the historic status of Alexandria University and to achieve a comprehensive qualitative leap in various fields of knowledge within a frame work of noble human values, enabling it to take a leading position in its national , Arab, African, Mediterranean and global environments.

Mission :
The University of Alexandria is a national, educational, research, and development institution integrated into the production and dissemination of knowledge. Also emphasis the building of a modern human being and cultural rehabilitation of the society. And be able to assume leadership positions in all sectors.

Programs and courses

Diploma Courses (172 courses)

Doctorate Courses (96 courses)

Masters Courses (127 courses)

Post Graduate Diploma Courses (1 courses)

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Faculties and Schools

Faculty of Nursing.
Faculty of Pharmacy.
High Institute of Public Health.
Faculty of Education.
Faculty of Dentistry.
Medical Research Institute.
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.
Institute of Graduate Studies & Research.
Faculty of Tourism and Hotels.
Faculty of Computer and Data Science.

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