Mine Safety Training College details

  • Address: 126 Kaolin Street
    Carletonville, 2500
  • Location: Carletonville, South Africa
  • Telephone Number: +27 (0) 18 786 2812
  • Email Address: info@skillfull29.co.za
  • Website: https://www.minesafetytraining.co.za

About Mine Safety Training College

We provide training services to the following sectors:

(i) Manganese Industry

(ii) Inspectorates

(iii) Representative Unions Industry

(iv) Transitional Councils

(v) Gold Industry

(vi) Platinum Industry

(vii) Diamond Industry

(viii) Coal Industry

Programs and courses

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Why Join Mine Safety Training College

We also offer consulting services in:

(i) Accredited Training

(ii) Auditing

(iii) Needs Analysis

(iv) Course Development

(v) Risk Assessments

(vi) Safety Promotions

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