Gollis University details

  • Address: Hargeisa
  • Location: Hargeisa, Somalia
  • Telephone Number: +252 9 07627570
  • Email Address: Info@gollisuniversity.org
  • Website: https://gollisuniversity.org

About Gollis University

Gollis University is a community-owned educational institution.
The University was founded in 2004 as a Teaching College and later upgraded to university status.

Programs and courses

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Why Join Gollis University

The University surrounds students and partners by some of the greatest minds for each generation to benefit from the best teaching, research, project activities and innovation not only for Somaliland community but for global relevance supportive to community environment.

Faculties and Schools

(i) School of Social Science

(ii) School of Business and Economics

(iii) School of Engineering

(iv) School of Medicine and Health Sciences

(v) Faculty of Geology

(vi) Faculty of Veterinary

(vii) Faculty of Geology

(viii) Faculty of Agriculture

(ix) Faculty of Sheria (Islamic Law)

(x) Faculty of Information Communication Technology(ICT)

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