Colleges and Universities Offering Bachelor of Commerce in Ireland

  • Course Name: Bachelor of Commerce(Commerce)
  • Major Subject: Commerce
  • Course Category: Degree Courses

Institutions Offering Bachelor of Commerce

  • University College Cork University College Cork, Cork  
    Duration: 4 years

    Teaching Mode: Full-time

    Course Outline:
    The Bachelor of Commerce Degree programme is the leading undergraduate business degree in Ireland. It is designed for motivated students who intend on making a future impact on the business world. This highly innovative degree offers a comprehensive range of 5 employment led thematic majors in the fourth year:
    • Business and Financial markets
    • Human Resources and Leadership
    • Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Strategy
    • Markets and Consumer understanding
    • Operations and Supply Chains
    This four-year programme is designed to help students gain the theoretical and practical skills required for the employment market in business. Teaching and academic guidance will be provided by experienced staff; students will have opportunities to interact with businesses and learn in real workplace scenarios and students also have the option to benefit from experiencing college life in other countries through the Study Abroad Programme.
    In years one, two and three students are introduced to a number of different business areas. In third-year students are provided with intermediate level taster modules to reflect the 5 thematic majors in Year 4. During this year students will also have the opportunity to; participate in a paid business internship and to partake in the study abroad programme. In the final year, students will select one thematic major to specialize in thus providing an excellent springboard for a successful career.
    BComm graduates will have a wide variety of career options open to them from, banking, finance, human resource management, insurance, marketing, retail, advertising, tourism, teaching and taxation project management, manufacturing, business consulting, financial analysis, investment banking and general management, and of course many more.
    Modules: (Each Year consists of 60 credits)

    Year 1 Modules (all 5 credits):
    · AC1100 Introduction to Accounting;
    · BU1000 Developing Critical Thinking Skills
    · EC1207 Principles of the Micro Economy;
    · EC1208 Principles of the Macro Economy;
    · FE1101 Introduction to Food Business and Development;
    · IS1105 Business Information Systems;
    · LW1108 Introduction to the Legal System;
    · LW1109 Introduction to Business Law;
    · MA1100 Introductory Mathematics for Business I;
    · MG1000 Foundations of Management and Organisational Behaviour;
    · MG1002 Foundations of Marketing;
    · ST1023 Introduction to Business Statistics

    Year 2 Modules:
    In second year students take a combination of compulsory modules and electives. The electives allow students to begin to specialise in fields which interest them the most.
    The compulsory modules include Introduction to Management Accounting; Intermediate Management Accounting; Placement Skills and Professional Practice; Economics of Managerial Decision Making; Economics - Production and Costs; IS Analysis and Design for Business; People and Organization; International Business; Enterprise Planning and Processes; Business Ethics.
    The elective modules include Sustainability in Modern Businesses; Global Food Policy; International Politics; European Government and Politics; Commercial Law; Introductory Mathematics for Business; Consumer Behaviour and Sustainable Consumption; Methods of Business Statistics.

    Year 3 Modules:
    In third year student select one of the following options:
    • Study at an approved university abroad for the full academic year;
    • Study at an approved university abroad for semester 1, return to UCC for semester 2, then complete either a 6-month work placement or a research project;
    • Study in UCC for semester 1 and 2, then complete either a 6-month work placement or a research project.
    In this year students gain an intermediate knowledge to each of the possible thematic majors which are available in the fourth year.
    In addition to taking these core modules students select a range of minor subjects from the following subject areas: Accounting, Business Economics; Food Business & Development; Law; Management; Marketing, Maths, Statistics

    Year 4 Modules
    In year 4 students take 40 credits from their selected thematic major:
    • Business and Financial markets
    • Human Resources and Leadership
    • Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Strategy
    • Markets and Consumer understanding
    • Operations and Supply Chains
    And 20 credits from a range of minors including (Accounting, Business Economics; Food Business & Development; Government; Law; Management; Marketing, Maths, Statistics).
  • University College Dublin University College Dublin, Dublin  
    Duration: 3 years
  • National University of Ireland National University of Ireland, Galway  

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