Colleges and Universities Offering Bachelor of Commerce(Commerce) in Kenya

  • Course Name: Bachelor of Commerce(Commerce)
  • Major Subject: Commerce
  • Course Category: Degree Courses

Institutions Offering Bachelor of Commerce(Commerce)

  • Kenyatta University , Nairobi  
    Areas of specialization

    (i) Finance Option

    (ii) HRM Option

    (iii) Marketing Option

    (iv) Management Science Option

    (v) Procurement and Supply Chain Management Option

    (vi) Accounting Option

    (vii) Actuarial Science Option

    (viii) Entrepreneurship Option

    Course requirements

    (i) Mean grade of KCSE C+ or equivalent with at least C in Mathematics and English or

    (ii) Advanced Level certificate with 2 principal passes and a credit pass in Mathematics at ‘O’ Level or

    (iii) Degree from a recognized university or

    (iv) Diploma in a relevant field from a recognized institution OR CPA/CPS Part II or equivalent with at least Mean grade of C (plain) at KCSE and C (plain) in Mathematics
    and English. or

    (v) Mean grade of C- at KCSE and progressed from certificate to Diploma at Kenyatta University or any other recognized/accredited Institutions

    Tuition Fees : 120,000.00

    Statutory Fees: 23,000.00

    Fee per Annum : 143,000.00
  • Africa Nazarene University, Nairobi  
    Areas of Specialization
    1. Management
    2. Banking and Finance
    3. Entrepreneurship
    4. Human Resource Management

    Duration: 4 Academic years

    Minimum entry requirements:
    -Overall Grade of C+ in KCSE and C in Maths Or
    -2 principals & a Subsidiary (A’level), Or
    -5 credits in IGCSE or equivalent
    -Minimum GPA of 2.3 from Diploma
    -Credit pass at Diploma level

    -Fundamentals of Accounting I
    -Fundamentals of Accounting II
    -Micro economics
    -Business Studies
    -Management Math I
    -Cost Accounting
    -Principles of Management
    -Macro economics
    -Management Math II
    -Principles of marketing
    -Business Finance
    -Business Law
    -Human Resource Management
    -Business Statistics
    -Research Methods
    -Company Law
    -Management Information Systems
    -Managerial Accounting
    -Business policy & Ethics
    -Quantitative Techniques
    -Management Research Project.
  • The Management University of Africa (MUA), Nairobi  
    Specialization options:

    (i) Accounting option (ACC)

    (ii) Finance and Banking option (FIN)

    (iii) Insurance and Risk Management option (INS)

    (iv) Entrepreneurial option (ENT)

    (v) Human Resource option (HRM)

    (vi) Marketing option (MKT)

    Entry requirements

    (i) KCSE - Mean Grade C+ with C plain in both
    Mathematics and English or Kiswahili; Mean Grade C
    or its equivalent with a diploma in the relevant area of
    study from a recognized institution.OR

    (ii) IGCSE - 5 Upper levels passes (equivalent to C+) OR

    (iii) GCE - Five (5), O’ Level (equivalent to C+) with a
    pass, C in Maths and English or Kiswahili OR

    (iv) 12th GRADE GPA of 2.5 or above OR

    (v) KACE - 2 Principal passes and minimum pass of 7 in
    Maths and English or Kiswahili at KCE. OR

    (vi) Diploma or above
  • KCA University, Nairobi  
    Areas of specialization
    1. Finance,
    2. Accounting,
    3. Banking,
    4. Entrepreneurship,
    5. Human Resources Management, and
    6. Marketing.

    Duration: 3 years

    Minimum entry requirements:
    -KCSE mean grade C+ (plus) OR any other equivalent qualification approved by the university senate.

    Tuition fees:
    1. Trimester 1- KSh. 76,770
    2. Trimester 2- KSh. 64,895
    3. Trimester 3- KSh. 64,895
    4. Trimester 4- KSh. 64,895
    5. Trimester 5- KSh. 64,895
    6. Trimester 6- KSh. 64,895
    7. Trimester 7- KSh. 64,895
    8. Trimester 8- KSh. 64,895
    9. Trimester 9- KSh. 64,895
  • Zetech University, Thika  
    Duration: 8 semesters

    Minimum entry requirements:
    -KCSE certificate with a minimum aggregate of C+ (plus) with a minimum of KCSE C (Plain) in Mathematics and English/Kiswahili or equivalent at ‘O’ level and or ‘A’ level.
    -Holder of an accredited diploma with a credit pass from an institution that is recognized by the University Senate.
    -Holder of a diploma from Zetech University or a Senate recognized institution with a minimum aggregate of C – at KCSE.
    -EACE/KCE/KACE/EAACE certificate with a minimum of five (5) credits in any five subjects at ‘O’ level and two principals at A level.
  • Gretsa University, Thika  
    Duration: 4 years

    Minimum entry requirements:
    -Be a holder of KCSE (or equivalent examination) certificate with a minimum aggregate of C+ and a minimum of C in both mathematics/Business studies and English, or
    -Be a holder of a KACE certificate with a minimum of two principal passes and one subsidiary pass, and a minimum of a credit pass in mathematics at KCE, or
    -Be a holder of a diploma or professional certificates from institutions recognized by the Ministry of Education and/ or Commission for University Education.

    Tuition fees: Ksh. 51,000
  • Technical University of Kenya, Nairobi  
    -Business Information Technology
    -Business Management
    -Entrepreneurship Human Resource Management
    -Insurance Management
    -Logistics and Supply Chain Management
    -Operations Management
    -Sales and Marketing

    Minimum entry requirements:
    -KCSE mean grade of C+ with C+ in Eng/Kisw,Group II/Maths, Group III, 2nd Group II/III or Group IV/V
    -Higher Diploma (HDip.) in Business Management or Equivalent OR Diploma in a Business Course or Equivalent
  • Strathmore University, Nairobi  
    Minimum entry requirements:
    • KCSE aggregate C+
    • 6 Credits at O level, A level 2 principal passes and 1 subsidiary
    • IB minimum 24 out of 45.;
    • A distinction in the Strathmore Entrance Exam
    • Proven leadership skills in school & community and outstanding performance in extra-curricular activities are an added advantage
    • All candidates meeting the entry requirements are required to sit the University entrance examination in English and Mathematics and an oral interview
  • Multimedia University of Kenya, Nairobi  
    Duration: 4 years

    Tuition fees: Ksh 105,000.00 Per year

    Minimum entry requirements:
    -KCSE mean grade of C+ and a minimum of C in both English and Mathematics or
    -A-Level two principal passes and one subsidiary pass in the relevant subjects or
    -Relevant professional qualifications approved by the University Senate
    -Successful Diploma graduates with at least a CREDIT Pass will join in 2nd Year
  • Daystar University , Athi River  
    Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting, Business Administration ,Marketing, Purchasing and Business Logistics, Law Option, or Management Information Systems)

    Admission requirements

    (i) C+ (plus) and above in KCSE or, 5 Credits in IGCSE;

    (ii) Or 2 Principal passes in 'A' level or Division 2 in GCE

    (iii) Or 50% from other countries using percentages;

    (iv) Or CPA (K) entry to commerce degree.

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