Colleges and Universities Offering Bachelor of Commerce in Mauritius

  • Course Name: Bachelor of Commerce(Commerce)
  • Major Subject: Commerce
  • Course Category: Degree Courses

Institutions Offering Bachelor of Commerce

  •  YK Business School (YKBS), Highlands  
    Course Entry Requirements:

    Either a Pass in 3 subjects at A level and 1 subject at Subsidiary level at HSC Or Pass in 2 subjects at A level and 2 subject at Subsidiary level at HSC Or Pass in 3 Subject at A level at the London General Certificate.

    Career Opportunities:
    -BCom (Bachelor of Commerce)
    -Operations Manager
    -Senior Administrator
    -General Manager

    Course Structure:

    Year 1
    Semester Modules

    -Business Communication 101
    -Statistics 102

    Annual Modules
    -Business Management 1
    -Economics 1
    -Accounting 1

    Year 2
    Semester Modules

    -Commercial Law 201
    -Information Systems 202

    Annual Modules
    -Business Management
    and any two electives:
    -Economics 2
    -Accounting 2
    -Human Resources Management 2
    -Marketing 2
    -Health Management 2

    Year 3
    Semester Modules

    -Entrepreneurship 301
    -International Business 302 or Taxation 302

    Annual Modules
    -Business Management 3
    and any two electives
    -Economics 3
    -Accounting 3
    -Human Resources Management 3
    -Marketing 3
    -Health Management 3

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