Colleges and Universities Offering Diploma in Leadership Studies in Kenya

  • Course Name: Diploma in Leadership Studies()
  • Major Subject:
  • Course Category: Diploma Courses

Institutions Offering Diploma in Leadership Studies

  • Kenya Institute of Social Work Kenya Institute of Social Work, Nairobi   
    Admission criteria
    -Minimum qualifications are KCSE C- or KCE Div. 3 or the equivalent
    -Course open to Beginners, Community development workers, Welfare officers and Fresh students
    -Certificate in Leaderships studies

    Course duration: 3 years

    Course content
    -Community Leadership
    -Social Policy And Administration
    -Community Development Methodologies
    -Management Of Community Concerns
    -HIV/Aids And Other Pandemics
    -Basic Mathematics
    -Theories Of Effective Leadership
    -Legal Aspects In Leadership
    -Project (Total Supervisory Unit)
    -Social Research Methods
    -Resource Mobilization And Fundraising
    -Strategic Leadership
    -Advocacy And Lobbying
    -Participatory Leadership
    -Development Economics
    -Social Psychology And Personality
    -Community Based Organizations
    -Community Capacity Building And Partnerships
    -English Language
    -Communication Skills
    -Information Communication Technology
    -Introduction To Leadership Skills
  • Delhi College Delhi College, Nairobi  
    Duration: 24 weeks

    Language: English

    Course Outline:
    • The Nature of Leadership
    • Nature of Managerial Work
    • Perspectives on Effective Leadership Behavior
    • Participative Leadership, Delegation and powerment
    • Dyadic Role-Making Theories
    • Power and Influence
    • Managerial Traits and Skills
    • Contingency Theories of Effective Leadership
    • Charismatic and Transformational Leadership
    • Leading Change in Organizations
    • Leadership in Teams and Decision Groups
    • Strategic Leadership
    • Developing Leadership Skills
    • Ethical Leadership and Diversity

    Exam Body: (ICM)

  • Maa Institute of Professional Studies Maa Institute of Professional Studies, Kajiado  
    Exam Body: ICM-UK
  • Aviation College of Kenya Aviation College of Kenya, Nairobi  
    Exam Body: ICM
  • Karma Training Institute Karma Training Institute, Isiolo  
  • Kenya College of Commerce and Hospitality Kenya College of Commerce and Hospitality, Nairobi  
  • Kenya Institute of Social Sciences Kenya Institute of Social Sciences, Machakos  
  • International Leadership University Kenya International Leadership University Kenya, Nairobi  

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