Colleges and Universities Offering Bachelor of Development Studies in Uganda

  • Course Name: Bachelor of Development Studies(Development Studies)
  • Major Subject: Development Studies
  • Course Category: Degree Courses

Institutions Offering Bachelor of Development Studies

  •  Nkumba University, Entebbe  

    Course content
    Year 1
    Semester I

    NUDES31101 Development Theory
    NUDES31102 Political Economy
    NUDES31103 Introduction to Sociology
    NUDES31104 Introduction to Psychology
    NUDES31105 Communication Skills
    NUDES31106 HIV/AIDS and Development

    Semester II

    NUBBA31102 Computer Applications I
    NUDES31203 Human Rights
    NUDES31204 Social Services
    NUDES31205 Economics I
    NUDES31206 Sociology of Organisations

    Year 2
    Semester I

    NUDES32101 Community and Rural
    NUDES32102 Urban Sociology and
    NUDES32103 Project Planning and
    NUDES32104 Social Policy and Planning
    NUDES32105 Contemporary Social Problems
    NUDES32106 Population Studies

    Semester II

    NUDES32201 Participatory Rural Appraisal
    NUDES32202 Human Resource Management
    NUDES32203 Sustainable Development
    NUDES32204 Community Based Health Care
    NUDES32205 Decentralisation and Local
    NUDES32206 Research Methods

    Year 3
    Semester I

    Code Course Name
    NUDES33101 Development Economics
    NUDES33102 Disaster Management And
    Refugee Studies
    NUDES33103 Regional Planning and
    NUMGT33106 Computer Applications II
    NUDES33105 Globalisation and World Order
    NUDES33106 Environmental Management

    Semester II

    Code Course Name LH PH CH CU
    NUDES33201 Development Ethics
    NUDES33202 Micro Enterprise Development
    NUDES33203 Administrative Law
    NUDES33204 Public Policy
    NUDES33205 Technology And Society
    Research Project

    Duration:3 years
  •  The Uganda Pentecostal University, Fort Portal  
    Course entry requirements

    Applicants are required to have passed their Advanced Level Examinations with at least any two principle passes or must have a Diploma from a recognized Institution

    Tuition fees: 800,000/= per semester

    Course duration: 3 years
  •  Gulu University, Gulu  
    Minimum Course Duration: 3 years
    Tuition Fees: Ugx. 770,000 or $1,155 for international students.
  •  Kampala International University, Kampala  
    Course Duration: 3 Years
    Fees: 1,130,000 UGX or USD 600
  •  Islamic University of Uganda , Mbale  
    Program duration: 3 years
  •  Kumi University, Kumi  
    Course duration:3 years
  •  Ibanda University, Ibanda  
    Duration:3 years
  •  Makerere University, Kampala  
    Duration :3 years
  •  Kampala University, Ggaba  
    Duration:3 years
  •  Bugema University , Kampala  
  •  Bishop Stuart University, Mbarara  
  •  Stafford University, Kampala  
  •  St. Lawrence University, Mengo  
  •  Kyambogo University, Kampala  

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