Colleges and Universities Offering Diploma in Motor Vehicle Engineering in Botswana

  • Course Name: Diploma in Motor Vehicle Engineering(Motor Vehicle Engineering)
  • Major Subject: Motor Vehicle Engineering
  • Course Category: Diploma Courses

Institutions Offering Diploma in Motor Vehicle Engineering

  •  Gaborone University College of Law and Professional Studies GUC, Gaborone  
    Course Structure:

    Year 1 – Semester 1
    DMVE111 Mathematics I
    DMVE112 Engineering Science
    DMVE113 Workshop Technology
    DMVE114 Motor Vehicle Technology I
    DMVE115 Motor Vehicle Practical I
    DMVE116 Technical Communication

    Year 1 Semester 2
    DMVE121 Mathematics II
    DMVE122 Basic Technical Drawing
    DMVE123 Motor Vehicle Science I
    DMVE124 Motor Vehicle Technology II
    DMVE125 Motor Vehicle Practical II
    DMVE126 Electrical and Electronic Principles
    DMVE127 Computer Fundamentals
    DMVE 100 Industrial Attachment I (2 months)

    Year 2- Semester 1
    DMVE211 Computer Aided Drafting
    DMVE212 Materials Technology
    DMVE213 Motor Vehicle Technology III
    DMVE214 Motor Vehicle Practical III
    DMVE215 Motor Vehicle Science II
    DMVE216 Thermo-fluids

    Year 2 Semester 2
    DMVE221 Pneumatic and Hydraulic Systems
    DMVE222 Motor Vehicle Transmission System
    DMVE223 Motor Vehicle Practical IV
    DMVE224 Vehicle Electrical and Electronic Systems
    DMVE225 Vehicle Electrical and Electronic Systems Practical
    DMVE226 Machine Elements Design
    DMVE 200 Industrial Attachment II (2 months)

    Year 3 - Semester 1
    DMVE311 Workshop Organisation and Administration
    DMVE312 Basic Engineering Management
    DMVE313 Maintenance Management
    DMVE314 Entrepreneurial Skills
    DMVE315 Diploma Project

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