Colleges and Universities Offering Certificate in Marketing in South Africa

  • Course Name: Certificate in Marketing(Marketing)
  • Major Subject: Marketing
  • Course Category: Certificate Courses

Institutions Offering Certificate in Marketing

  •  Central Johannesburg TVET College, Johannesburg  
    Entry Requirements:

    -You must have a Grade 9 or equivalent qualification to start at NC(V) L2.
    -You must have passed the previous level register for NC(V) L3 and L4.

    Pass & Certification Requirements:
    -The pass mark is 50% per subject for each of the vocational subjects.
    -The pass mark for Life Orientation and First Additional Language is 40% each.
    -The pass mark for Mathematics and Mathematical Literacy is 30% each.

    -In order to obtain the NC(V) qualification at a particular NQF level and to progress to the next level you must pass all seven (7) subjects. You will not be certified if you fail any subject.

    -Please note that to be certified the Internal Continuous Assessment (ICASS) mark is compulsory for fundamental subjects. The ICASS mark plus the examination mark is considered for certification.

    -Students must complete both internal (ICASS) and external (examinations) assessments to be resulted. Both components must be completed in the same academic year.
  •  Coastal KZN TVET College, Durban   
    Course requirements

    (i) Level 2: Grade 9 or equivalent qualification

    (ii) Level 3: Level 2; or equivalent qualification

    (iii) Level 4: Level 3; or equivalent qualification

    Mode of study: full time

    Course duration: 1 year for each level

    Course content

    (i) Communication (Language)

    (ii) Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy

    (iii) Life Orientation

    (iv) Marketing

    (v) Marketing Communication

    (vi) Advertising and Promotions

    (vii) Contact Centre Operations (Optional)

    (viii) Consumer Behaviour (Optional)

  •  King Hintsa TVET College, Butterworth  
    Duration: 3 Years full-time (1 year per level)

    Minimum entry requirement:
    •Level 2 – Grade 9 or Level 1
    •Level 3 – Level 2 qualification
    •Level 4 – Level 3 qualification

    1. Level 2 Vocational subjects
    •Advertising and Promotions
    •Marketing Communication
    •Call Centre Operations
    2. Level 3 Vocational subjects
    •Advertising and Promotions
    •Marketing Communication
    •Call Centre Operations
    3. Level 4 Vocational subjects
    •Advertising and Promotions
    •Marketing Communication
    •Call Centre Operations
  •  Ekurhuleni West TVET College, Germiston  
    National Vocational Certificate in Marketing

    Course entry requirements
    -NQF Level 2: Grade 9 or higher/ NQF Level 1
    -NQF Levels 3 and 4: Competency in learning out comes at NQF Level 3/4 of the
    same subfield/programme.
    -To obtain a National Certificate: A total of 7 subjects: 3 fundamental and 4 vocational subjects

    Compulsory fundamental subjects
    -English First Additional Language, Mathematics and Life Orientation

    Vocational subjects
    -Consumer Behaviour
    -Wholesale and Retail
    -Advertising and Promotions
    -Marketing Communication

    Course duration: 1 year
  •  MSC Business College, Cape Town  
    Duration: 12 months

    Minimum entry requirement:
    -Grade 11 or equivalent and/or
    -Competence in communication, mathematical literacy and computer literacy at NQF Level 3

    Course Content:
    -Computer Proficiency
    -Communication for Business
    -Advanced Calculations 101
    -Marketing Communication 101
    -Customer Management 101
    -Marketing Management 101
  •  Mopani South TVET College, Namakgale  
    National Certificate Vocational: Marketing

    Course entry requirements
    -Applicants must have passed Grade 9 or higher, or have an NQF Level 1/ABET Level 4 qualification, or an approved bridging programme designed for the specific purpose to access NQF Level 2 or a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessment to meet the basic requirements for access to NQF Level 2.
  •  Western College TVET, Randfontein  
    1. Level 2
    -Advertising and Promotions
    -Marketing Communication
    -Consumer Behaviour
    2. Level 3
    -Advertising and Promotions
    -Marketing Communication
    -Consumer Behaviour
    3. Level 4
    -Advertising and Promotions
    -Marketing Communication
    -Consumer Behaviour
  •  Northlink College, Cape Town   
    Course content

    (i) Advertising and Promotions

    (ii) Marketing Communication

    (iii) Consumer Behaviour

    (iv) English First Additional Language

    (v) Mathematical Literacy

    (vi) Life Orientation

    (vii) Marketing

    Course requirements: Grade 9 or equivalent
  •  Hartland Training and Development Centre, Pretoria  
    Course content
    (i) English

    (ii) Life Orientation

    (iii) Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy

    (iv) Marketing

    (v) Advertising and Promotions

    (vi) Marketing communication

    (vii) Consumer Behaviour (Optional subject)

    Program duration: One year
  •  Port Elizabeth Technical and Vocational Education and Training(TVET) College, Port Elizabeth   
    Course content

    (i) Operations management

    (ii) Project management

    (iii) Management practice

    (iv) Entrepreneurship

    Entry requirements: Grade 11

    Course duration: 3 years

    Mode of study: full time
  •  Thasullulo FET College, Tshisahulu  

    National Certificate (Vocational): Marketing:

    Course content:
    -Marketing, Advertising & Promotions
    -Marketing Communication,
    -Consumer Behaviour (O)
    -OR Contact Centre Operations
  •  South West Gauteng College, Soweto  
    Course Content:
    2.Advertising and promotions
    3.Marketing communication
    4.And one of the following
    -Consumer behaviour
    -Contact Centre Operations
    -Graphic Design
  •  Springfield FET College, Rustenburg  
    National Certificate Vocational: Marketing

    Course outline
    -Marketing, Advertising and Promotions
    -Marketing Communication
    -Contact Centre Operations
    -Consumer Behaviour
  •  Gert Sibande TVET College., Standerton  
    • Advertising & Promotions
    • Marketing
    • Marketing Communications
    • Consumer Behavior OR
    • Office Data Processing OR
    • Wholesale & Retail
  •  Siyaloba Training Academy, Port Elizabeth  
    Course entry requirements
    -Communication at NQF Level 3.
    -Mathematical Literacy at NQF Level 3.
    -Computer Literacy at NQF Level 3

    Course duration: 12 months

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