Colleges and Universities Offering Master of Arts in Public Administration and Management in Uganda

  • Course Name: Master of Arts in Public Administration and Management(Public Administration and Management)
  • Major Subject: Public Administration and Management
  • Course Category: Masters Courses

Institutions Offering Master of Arts in Public Administration and Management

  •  Uganda Technology and Management University, Kampala  
    Duration:2 years
    Fees:UGX 1700000

    Course options:
    1.MPAM (Public Policy)
    2.MPAM (Public Procurement)
    3.MPAM (Public Administration)
    4.MPAM (Institutional Governance & Leadership)

    Entry requirements:
    1.The minimum admission requirement to any of the above Masters programmes is a Bachelor's degree from a recognised institution.

    2.Holders of Postgraduate Diplomas in the respective areas of specialisation will be admitted to 2nd year of the corresponding master's programme subject to the Postgraduate Diploma having been obtained from a recognised institution and assessment of the courses done. After the assessment, some holders of the Post graduate Diplomas shall be required to do additional courses first before proceeding to the 2nd year of the master's programmes which includes a research dissertation.

  •  Nkumba University, Entebbe  
    Year 1
    Semester I

    NUPAM51101 Organisation Theory
    NUPAM51102 Gender and Development
    NUPAM51103 Political Economy
    NUPAM51104 Research Methods
    NUPAM51105 Regional Planning and
    NUPAM51106 Public Policy

    Semester II

    Code Course Name
    NUPAM51203 Public Relations and Conflict
    NUPAM51204 Public Finance Management
    NUPAM51205 Administrative Law
    NUPAM51206 Project Planning and
    NUPAM51207 Human Resource
    NUPAM51208 Decentralisation and Local
    Government Administration

    Year 2
    Semester I

    NUPAM51303 Employment Law
    NUPAM51305 Ethics In Public
    NUPAM51306 Environmental Management
    Research Seminars

    Semester II
  •  Multitech Business School, Kampala  

    Year One
    Semester One
    PAM 1101 Theory of Public AdministrationI
    PAM 1102 Human Resource Management
    PAM 1103 Administrative Law
    PAM 1104 Decentralisation and Local Governance
    BAM 1101 Financial accounting 1
    PAM 1106 Principles of Project Management

    Year One
    Semester Two
    PAM 1201 Public sector Financial Management
    PAM 1202 Monitoring and Evaluation
    PAM 1203 Research Methods
    PAM 1204 Ethics and Public Administration
    PAM 1205 Public Policy and Administration
    PAM 1206 Politics and Development
  •  Team University, Kampala  
    Course entry requirements
    -A bachelor degree from a recognized university in any discipline
    -A post graduate diploma in a relevant discipline from a recognized institution

    Course duration: 2 years
  •  Uganda Christian University, Mukono  
    Intake: September & May
    Campus: Main & Kampala
    Session and Study times:
    September intake: Modular at Main Campus
    May intake: Modular at Kampala Campus
  •  Gulu University, Gulu  
    Course Duration: 2.5 Years
  •  Kampala University, Ggaba  
    Duration:2 years
  •  Kampala International University, Kampala  

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