Colleges and Universities Offering Certificate in Photography in South Africa

  • Course Name: Certificate in Photography(Photography)
  • Major Subject: Photography
  • Course Category: Certificate Courses

Institutions Offering Certificate in Photography

  •  The College of Digital Photography , Johannesburg  
    Course content

    (i) The fundamentals of photography

    (ii) Editing, enhancement, compositing.

    (iii) Specialist disciples

    (iv) Visual design and creative elements

    (v) Visual starting your photographic business.

    (vi) Portfolio and corporate image

    Equipment needed

    (i) DSLR or Mirrorless Camera

    (ii) External Flash

    (iii) Sturdy Tripod

    (iv) Laptop

    Course cost: R37,800 / R39,800

    Program duration: 6 months

    In addition, the institution offers the following types of photography:

    (a) Beginner photography

    (i) Introduction to photography

    Course duration: 2 Hours

    (ii) Fundamentals of photography

    Equipment needed

    (i) DSLR

    (ii) Mirrorless or Bridge Camera

    (iii) Sturdy Tripod

    Course cost: R4,680

    Course duration: 5 x 3-hour Lessons + 1 Practical Outing

    (iii) Kids photography workshop

    Equipment needed: Any Digital Camera

    Course cost: R980

    Course duration: 2 x 3-hour Lessons + 1 Practical Outing

    (b) Advanced photography

    Course content

    (i) Understanding and mastering light

    (ii) Using colour for impact

    (iii) White Balance shifting

    (iv) Managing flare and creating starbursts

    (v) Advanced composition

    (vi) Visual design and communication

    (vii) Macro photography

    (viii) Movement techniques

    (ix) Panning and zooming

    (x) In-and-out of focus

    (xi) Digital pinhole photography

    (xii) Assignment review

    (xiii) Low and high key photography

    (xiv) Digital Black and White photography

    (xv) Painting with light theory

    (xvi) Painting with light workshop

    Equipment needed

    (i) DSLR Camera

    (ii) Sturdy Tripod

    Course cost: R4,680

    Program duration: 5 x 3-hour Lessons + 1 Practical Outing

    (c) Mastering flash photography

    Course content

    (i) Guide Number and manual functions

    (ii) Bounce flash

    (iii) Controlling the characteristics of flash (diffusers and modifiers)

    (iv) Managing contrast using flash

    (v) Synchronizing multiple external flashes with built in triggers

    (vi) Radio triggers for external flashes

    (vii) High speed Flash

    (viii) Controlling DOF using flash in bright light

    (ix) How flash differs from continuous light

    (x) Controlling the pop-up flash

    (xi) Understanding the flash controls

    (xii) Understanding the external flash menu and functions

    (xiii) Flash controls in your camera menu

    (xiv) Red eye reduction

    (xv) Exposure principles for flash

    (xvi) Exposing for flash

    (xvii) Exposure for mixed light

    (xviii) The inverse square law; using distance and aperture

    (xix) TTL

    (xx) High speed triggers

    (xxi) Strobe effects

    (xxii) Rear sync flash

    (xxiii) Controlling movement effects using flash in low light

    (xxiv) Manipulating colour using WB, gels and light colour temperature

    (xxv) Strobism and lighting effects

    Equipment needed

    (i) DSLR Camera

    (ii) External Flash

    (iii) Sturdy Tripod

    Course cost: R2,780

    Course duration: 3 x 3-hour Lessons

    (d) Night sky photography

    Course outline

    (i) Useful software

    (ii) Basic RAW editing steps

    (iii) Editing techniques for star trail and milky way images

    (iv) Reducing noise in the final image

    (v) Compositing the foreground and the sky

    (vi) Camera settings

    (vii) Using an intervalometer

    (viii) Techniques and settings for amazing Star trails

    (ix) Techniques and settings to capture the Milky Way

    (x) Painting with light

    (xi) Tips and tricks

    (xii) The challenges of night sky photography

    (xiii) Equipment

    (xiv) Lens choices

    (xv) Other gear and accessories

    (xvi) Planning your trip

    (xvii) Location, weather & lunar considerations

    (xviii) Useful Apps

    (xix) Composition

    (xx) Focusing techniques

    Equipment needed

    (i) DSLR Camera

    (ii) Sturdy Tripod

    (iii) Laptop

    (iv) Intervalometer

    Course cost: R3,280

    Course duration: 3 x 3-hour Lessons + 1 Practical Workshop

    (e) Photography-The business end

    Course outline

    (i) Deciding on your business name

    (ii) Principles of logo design

    (iii) The psychology of colour

    (iv) Branding your business

    (v) Business stationary

    (vi) Marketing your business

    (vii) Social media marketing

    (viii) Website and print marketing

    (ix) Niche vs mass marketing

    (x) The marketing plan

    (xi) Sales

    (xii) Writing a business plan

    (xiii) Income and expense budget

    (xiv) Cash flow projections

    (xv) Determining your start-up costs

    (xvi) Pricing your offerings

    (xvii) How to set up your business

    (xviii) Running your business efficiently

    Course cost: R2,780

    Course duration: 3 x 3-hour Lessons

    (f) Outdoor photography

    Course content

    (i) Travel photography

    (ii) Equipment and accessories

    (iii) Lens choices

    (iv) Using flash

    (v) Camera bags

    (vi) Planning your time away

    (vii) Tips and tricks

    (viii) Wildlife photography

    (ix) Equipment choices

    (x) Camera settings and technique

    (xi) Focussing

    (xii) Composition and styles

    (xiii) Underwater and nature photography

    (xiv) Tips and tricks

    (xv) Landscape photography

    (xvi) Understanding and using dramatic light

    (xvii) Camera settings and techniques

    (xviii) Gear and accessories

    (xix) Lens choices

    (xx) Tackling difficult exposure situations

    (xxi) Composition and styles

    (xxii) Panoramas and HDR

    (xxiii) Tips and tricks

    Equipment needed

    (i) DSLR Camera

    (ii) Sturdy Tripod

    Course cost: R3,280

    Course duration: 3 x 3-hour Lessons + 1 Practical Outing

    (g) People photography

    Course outline

    (i) Posing groups

    (ii) Candid

    (iii) Sports / Action

    (iv) Stage and theatre photography

    (v) Alternative Portraiture

    (vi) Digitally enhancing your images

    (vii) Mastering indoor lighting

    (viii) Posing couples

    (ix) Photographing babies and children

    Equipment needed

    (i) DSLR Camera

    (ii) Sturdy Tripod

    Course cost: R3,280

    Duration: 3 x 3-hour Lessons + 1 Practical Workshop

    (h) Studio photography

    Course content

    (i) People and fashion photography

    (ii) Theory and workshop

    (iii) Practical student shoot in class

    (iv) Commercial photography

    (v) Theory and workshop

    (vi) Still life photography

    (vii) Theory and workshop

    (viii) Understanding and using studio equipment

    (ix) Backgrounds and other accessories

    (x) Properties of studio light

    (xi) Exposure

    Equipment needed

    (i) DSLR Camera

    (ii) Sturdy Tripod

    Course cost: R4,380

    Course duration: 5 x 3-hour Lessons

    (i) Wedding and event photography

    Course content

    (i) Marketing your business

    (ii) Social Media and Marketing

    (iii) Website and Print marketing

    (iv) Writing a business plan

    (v) Pricing your offerings

    (vi) Branding your business

    (viii) Albums, printing and archiving your images

    (ix) Working with people

    (x) Posing, expression, non-verbal communication, eyeline

    (xi) Timing, composition considerations for photographing people

    (xii) Objective vs subjective camera/subject interactions

    (xiii) Understanding your external Flash

    (xiv) Using remote triggers, diffusers and modifiers

    (xv) Synchronising multiple flash units for Strobist portraits

    (xvi) Equipment considerations

    (xvii) Lighting techniques for window light portraits, external flash and portable studio lights

    (xviii) Portrait lighting styles

    (xix) Photographing Functions and groups

    (xx) Corporate portraiture

    (xxi) Wedding styles and trends

    (xxii) Planning and preparation for location portrait shoots

    Equipment needed

    (i) DSLR Camera

    (ii) External Flash

    (iii) Sturdy Tripod

    Course cost: R4,980

    Course duration: 5 x 3-hour Lessons + 1 Practical Workshop
  •  Nikon School, Johannesburg  
    (a) Fashion and Portraiture Photography with Jo Splice

    Fees: R 1 299,00

    Course duration: 4 hours

    (b) Learn Adobe Lightroom with Mbali

    Course cost: R 899,00

    Course duration: 6 hours

    (c) Fitness Photography with Sean Levitt

    Course cost: R 1 299,00

    Program duration: 4 hours

    (d) Fashion and Portraiture Photography with Mbali

    Fees: R 1 299,00

    Course duration: 4 hours

    (e) Learning to shoot in manual

    Fees: R 599,00

    Program duration: 4 hours

    (f) Manual Exposed

    Course cost: R 599,00

    Duration: 4 hours

    (g) Lowlight and Long Exposure Photography Workshop

    Course cost: R 599,00

    Duration: 3 hours

    (h) Building your Photography Business with Emma O’Brien

    Course cost: R 1 299,00

    Course duration: 6 hours

    (i) D7500/D500 Camera Training

    Course cost: free

    Duration: 3 hours

    (j) D3000 series Free Camera Training

    Course cost: Free

    Course duration: 4 hours

    (k) D5000 series Camera Training

    Course cost: free

    Duration: 4 hours

    (l) D7000 series Camera Training

    Course cost: free

    Duration: 4 hours

    (m) Bridge Camera Training

    Course cost: free

    Duration: 3 hours

    (n) Full Frame Camera Training

    Course cost: free

    Duration: 3 hours

    (o) One-on-one training
  •  Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography , Stellenbosch  
    What you will learn:

    (a) Cruise Ship Photography

    Entry requirements

    (i) A keen interest in photography

    (ii) Age: 21-35

    (iii) Fluent in English

    (iv) Excellent communication skills

    (v) Sales/customer service experience

    (vi) No criminal record

    (vii) No visible tattoos( some exceptions apply)

    (viii) A valid holder of a permanent South African passport

    Program duration and cost

    (i) Full-time 3-week course-R17050,00

    (ii) Two week course -R11550,00( this course is approved photographers with certified photographic and Photoshop training at an accredited institution.

    (b) Basic digital photography

    Entry requirements: One must own a digital Camera

    Fees: R1595

    (c) Comprehensive photography

    Entry requirements: One must have a basic understanding of photography and be able to use a DSLR camera

    Fees: R5490
  •  Orms Cape Town School of Photography, Cape Town   
    Digital photography

    Course content

    (i) How to setup your camera in different modes

    (ii) How to manipulate and use aperture and metering modes

    (iii) How to use shutterspeed

    (iv) What are lenses and their relationship with aperture

    (v) Work with onboard flash and speedlight

    Course cost: R4,400.00

    Smartphone photography

    Course content

    (i) Storage and Battery saving tips. Manual camera and video settings. Taking control of exposure

    (ii) Creative uses of the panorama camera function and introduction to image editing via Snapseed

    (iii) Hands-on ‘additional gear’ session: Mini tripods, lenses, filters and creative hacks. Unpacking Instagram as a platform to create, edit, share and network.

    (iv) Practical session with a recap of skills learnt and Selecting work for exhibition, still and/or video selections.

    Course cost: R4,200.00
  •  Berea Technical College, Durban  
    Duration: 1 year

    Minimum entry requirement:
    -Communication at NQF Level3.
    -Mathematical literacy at NQF Level 3.
    -Visual Art or Design elements and principles or
    -equivalent at NQF Level2.

    Course Overview:
    -Interpret and analyse general principles and concepts of photographic assignments.
    -Pre-visualize,conceptualize and analyse approaches according to the given specifications.
    -Capture a range of images through the use of photographic equipment and light sensitive materials.
    -Select, edit and render photographic Images according to specific criteria.
    -Range: Render could also include display,present and portray.
    -Document,manage and archive photographic work.
    -Develop own career opportunities In photography.
  •  Getpix Creative College, Benoni  
    (a) Beginners photography

    (b) Studio photography

    (c) Wedding photography

    (d) Lightroom

    (e) Photoshop essentials

    Required equipment

    (i) Studio photography-DSLR camera

    (ii) Wedding photography- DSLR camera

    (iii) Lightroom-Laptop with Adobe lightroom software

    (iv) Photoshop essentials- laptop with Adobe photoshop software

    (v) Beginners photography-Any digital camera

    Mode of study

    (i) Part time

    (ii) Study at home

    (iii) Full time

    Fees: R67 000

    Course duration: 1 year
  •  Cityvarsity School of Media and Creative Arts, Cape Town   
    Basic photography

    Course outline

    (i) Basic camera operation (exposure, lenses, ISO, light metering, aperture, shutter speed, depth of field), and “making VS taking photographs”.

    (ii) Visual communication and visual literacy, composition and context, white balance, angle, shape, texture and the subject.

    (iii) The camera menu, portraiture, reflections and silhouettes, overview of genre photography (fashion, documentary, commercial/advertising among others)

    (iv) Final test and class trip (gallery visit or class shoot).

    Fees: R 3 995,00

    Program duration: 4 weeks
  •  Photography Institute , Johannesburg  
    Course content

    (i) Cameras and Lenses

    (ii) Shutters, Aperture and Their Relationships

    (iii) Exposure and Metering

    (iv) The Film and Digital Process

    (v) Light and Colour

    (vi) Lighting

    (vii) Refining The Image Process

    (viii) Equipment and Software

    (ix) Retouching, Resolution and Printing

    (x) Photography Business and Studio Essentials

    (xi) How To Construct A Professional Portfolio

    (xii) Photo Agents - Picture Agencies. How To Get Work and Keep It
  •  The Independent Institute of Education,Vega, Pretoria  
    Course name: Photography in Practice Short Course

    Course content

    (i) Developing a personal photographic style

    (ii) Practical proficiency across the basic field of photography

    (iii) Understanding digital imaging, processing and workflow

    (iv) Understanding the basics of technical photographic processes

    (v) Using photographic composition

    Entry requirements: An SLR or DSLR camera

    Fees: R3 500

    Program duration: 4 weeks
  •  DLPHOTO College, Cape Town   
    Concepts taught

    (i) Flash and Lighting

    Fees: R 1 600

    (ii) Knowing your camera

    Fees: R 1 350

    (iii) Outdoor photography

    Fees: R 1 600

    (iv) Post-Production and Editing

    Fees: R 1 600

    (v) Portraiture

    Fees: R 1 800

    (vi) Fashion photography

    Fees: R 2 200
  •  Revolution Media Academy, Johannesburg  
    Duration: 12 months

    Minimum entry requirement:
    -Grade 11 or an NQF level 3
    -Computer literacy
    -English language (spoken and written)
    -Music aptitude

    Module Overview:
    -History and Principles of Photography
    -Portriat and Landscape photography
    -Photo imaging Techniques
    -Business Practice in Photo imaging Industry
    -Studio & Location Photo techniques
    -Media Law & Ethics
  •  V Creative Photo and Design College, Pretoria  
    Course content

    (i) Fundamentals of photography

    (ii) Photo Science

    (iii) The digital camera

    (iv) Lens technology and technique

    (v) Digital platform for photography

    (vi) Electronic flashlight/strobe

    (vii) History of photography as art

    (viii) Macro and close-up photography

    (ix) Photo journalism

    (x) Exhibition - POE preparation

  •  Skills Academy, Pretoria  
    Subjects covered

    (i) Introduction to Business English

    (ii) Face-to-Face Communication

    (iii) Digital Photography DP-101

    Course requirements

    (i) Grade 10

    (ii) Learners must be at least 16 years of age

    (iii) Learners must be able to read and write in English

    Course duration: 4 months
  •  Creative Arts College, Durban  
    Duration: 1 year

    Minimum entry requirements:
    -Grade 9 or RPL (Computer Knowledge is essential)

    Course Outline:
    -Camera Overview,
    -Camera Angles,
    -Chroma Key,
  •  Oakfields College, Pretoria  
    Course name: Certificate in basic photography

    Course content:

    (i) Introduction, history and equipment

    (ii) Studio and natural lighting

    (iii) Photoshop

    (iv) Camera controls and composition

    (v) Flash

    (vi) Event photography

    Program duration: Ten weeks three hours per week

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