Colleges and Universities Offering Diploma in Patisserie in South Africa

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Diploma in Patisserie offers students a comprehensive education in the art of pastry making and baking. This program equips aspiring patissiers with the skills and knowledge required to create exquisite desserts, pastries, cakes and breads. Students will learn various techniques such as chocolate and sugar work, cake decoration, bread making and more. The course combines theoretical learning with practical hands-on experience in well-equipped pastry kitchens.

Upon completing this diploma, graduates can pursue a range of exciting career opportunities in the culinary industry including:
1. Pastry Chef
2. Bakery Owner/Manager
3. Dessert Specialist
4. Cake Decorator
5. Chocolatier
6. Bakery Consultant
7. Pastry Instructor
8. Food Stylist
9. Research and Development Chef
10. Entrepreneur in the Baking Industry

Institutions Offering Diploma in Patisserie

  • PrueLeith Culinary Institute PrueLeith Culinary Institute, Centurion  
    Course entry requirements
    -Grade 12 qualification or equivalent.
    -An inextinguishable passion for food, the ability to work hard, an eye for detail.

    Program duration: 18 months

    Mode of study: Full time

    Intake: January and July

    Course content
    - 5 months Practical experience in the Prue Leith Restaurant, the Academy’s on site fine dining restaurant.
    -Chocolate and confectionery
    -High tea and buffets
    -Introduction to operational cost control
    -Introduction to menu planning and recipe costing
    -WSET Level 1 Wine Course
    -Assist with kitchen.
    -Sugar Craft
    -Advanced breads
    -Breakfast patisseries
    -Plated desserts (Including, sauces, jellies, custards, tarts and pastries)
    -Advanced cakes and showpieces
    -Theory of food production
    -Theory of commodity resource management
    -Food preparation methods
    -Food preparation techniques
    -Cooking methods and techniques
    -Personal development as a cook
    -First Aid and Fire course
    -Assist with kitchen activities in Prue Leith Restaurant and Short Courses.
    -Introduction to the kitchen and hospitality industry
    -Personal hygiene and safety
    -Food safety and workplace safety
    -Numeracy, units measure and computer literacy
    -Environmental awareness
    -Introduction to nutrition and diets
    -Understanding basic ingredients
  • HTA(Hospitality Trainers and Associates) School of Culinary Art HTA(Hospitality Trainers and Associates) School of Culinary Art, Randburg  
    Admission criteria:
    -SCA Students who have successfully completed the 1st year of the Programme in Professional Cookery and Culinary Art with a good academic and financial standing are qualified for this course.
    -Only those students with the drive and dedication to take on the extra learning and responsibilities, and possess lots of passion, a willingness to continually learn, share and the satisfaction of working with their hands, head and heart are encouraged to apply.

    Course duration: 6 months

    Course content:
    -Patisserie Principles and Terminology
    -Food Safety in the Pastry Kitchen
    -Menu Planning and Design
    -Costing Overview
    -Dough’s, Pastries and Pies
    -Classic Cakes, Sponges and Gateaux
    -Icings, Custards and Dessert Sauces
    -Biscuits, Petit Fours and Delicate Sweets
    -Selection of Loaves, Rolls and Artisan Breads
    -Hot Winter puddings, Desserts and Soufflès
    -Cold Summer Desserts
    -Frozen Desserts, Mousses and Set Items
    -Jams, Jellies and Preserves
    -Advanced Sugar Work
    -Advanced Chocolate Work
  • Culinary Academy of  Port Elizabeth Culinary Academy of Port Elizabeth, Port Elizabeth  
    Course duration: 10 months

    Course content
    -Prepare, Cook and Finish Dough Products
    -Prepare, Cook and Finish Hot Desserts and Puddings
    -Prepare, Cook and Finish Cold Desserts
    -Pastry Terminology
    -Safety at work
    -Food Safety in Catering
    -Prepare, Cook and Finish Cake, Sponges and Biscuits
    -Prepare, Cook and Finish Pastry Products

    Exam body: City and Guilds
  • The Hurst Campus The Hurst Campus, Cape Town  
    Course entry requirements
    -Grade 10 Certificate or Equivalent
    -Fluent in English
    -Maths Literacy or Maths

    Course duration: 5 months

    Intake: August
  • Institute of Culinary Arts Institute of Culinary Arts, Stellenbosch  
    Course duration: 2 years
  • Purple Carrot School of Culinary Art Purple Carrot School of Culinary Art, Potchefstroom  
  • Chefs Training and Innovation Academy South Africa Chefs Training and Innovation Academy South Africa, Centurion  

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