Colleges and Universities Offering Bachelor of Social Work in Botswana

  • Course Name: Bachelor of Social Work()
  • Major Subject:
  • Course Category: Degree Courses

Institutions Offering Bachelor of Social Work

  • University of Botswana University of Botswana, Gaborone  
    Entry Requirements:
    Subject to the General Regulations 200 and the Special Regulations of the Faculty of Social Sciences, the following Special Regulations of the Department of Social Work shall apply:

    1. The normal minimum requirement for entry into the Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) Programme is a credit in Mathematics.
    2. Students shall be subject to the guidelines and regulations of the Department’s Fieldwork Manual.
    3. Applicants with a Diploma in Social Work from this University or an equivalent qualification with a minimum grade of a credit shall be eligible for entry at Level 2 of the first semester of the second year of the BSW Programme.

    Course Duration: 4 years

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