Colleges and Universities Offering Master of Education in Pakistan

  • Course Name: Master of Education(Education)
  • Major Subject: Education
  • Course Category: Masters Courses

Institutions Offering Master of Education

  •  The Aga Khan University, Karachi  
    Course entry requirements
    (i) ‚Äč16-years of qualification in Education discipline with minimum 50% marks.
    Candidates with degree in areas other than Education must have a 1.5 years BEd* degree (54 credits).
    (ii) To specialise in Educational Leadership and Management (ELM): Minimum two years of teaching experience in an educational institution with at least one year of management experience.
    (iii) To specialise in Assessment, Measurement and Evaluation (AME) / Teacher Education (TE): Minimum two years of teaching experience. Monitoring, evaluation and assessment related experience will be preferable for specialisation in AME.
  •  Hamdard University, Karachi  
  •  Piston College, Karachi  

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