Colleges and Universities Offering Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering in Liberia

  • Course Name: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering()
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Institutions Offering Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering

  •  William V. S. Tubman University, Monrovia  
    Program Objectives
    - To produce a high caliber computing professionals that will focus on leading a
    research, designing, developing, and maintaining projects in different areas of
    - To practice computing professionals ethical and collective aspects dealing
    with development, design, and usage of variety of computing pieces, and
    - To enhance and update their skills in modern computing technologies by
    engaging in a post graduate degree or equivalent training.

    Student Learning Outcomes
    Students are able to:
    - Apply and demonstrate knowledge and skills in computing, mathematics, science,
    and engineering to the discipline.
    - Analyze, identify, design, implement, and evaluate computing based projects.
    - Understand the professional, proper, lawful, safety, common issues, and
    - Use modern approach, tools, and skills in computing and participate in
    professional development for continuous education.
    - Apply mathematical fundamentals, algorithm philosophies, and computer science
    model in developing a project
    - Provide a variety of hardware and software systems and analyze the global impact
    of computing in individuals.

    Curriculum Requirements Total Credits 167
    - General Education - 52 Credits
    - Engineering Math/Science -23 Credits
    - General Engineering Courses – 15 Credits
    - Major - 72 Credits
    - Concentration -5 Credits

    Core Requirements
    - Mathematics, Science, Engineering
    - Introduction to Computer Science and Engineering, Java Programming, Intro to
    Operating Systems, Web Programming and Development
    - Advanced Java Programming, Introduction to Software Engineering, Introduction
    to Databases, Artificial Intelligence,
    - Algorithm Analysis and Design, Relational Database Management System,
    Embedded System Design
    - Data Communications and Networking I and II

    Concentration Options
    - Software Engineering Comprehensive Practice, Senior System Design Project
    - Internship/Coop

    Cognate Requirements
    - Advanced Operating System, Digital Computer Circuits
    - System Design Practices in Computer Science,
    - Digital Signal and Image Processing
    - Network Principles and Computer Security, Digital Hardware Design, Compiler

    Eligibility for Internship
    - Completion of at least 103 credit hours of courses including one’s major courses.
    - Submission of the required internship application and receipt of employment

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