Colleges and Universities Offering Bachelor of Education in Secondary Education in Zambia

  • Course Name: Bachelor of Education in Secondary Education(Secondary Education)
  • Major Subject: Secondary Education
  • Course Category: Degree Courses

Institutions Offering Bachelor of Education in Secondary Education

  • Kenneth Kaunda Metropolitan University Kenneth Kaunda Metropolitan University, Lusaka  
    Course Structure:

    Psychology of Education
    Philosophy of Education
    Development of Education in Zambia
    Study and Communication skills

    Education and Development
    Sociology of Education
    Plus 2 Electives
    Choose Two Electives from the following
    -Religious Studies I
    -Zambian Languages (Structure of Bantu languages)
    -Structure of contemporary English
    -Introducing Language and Linguistics
    -African History I
    -French Language I

    Gender Issues
    Educational Administration and Management
    Structure of Contemporary English (Phonetics and Phonology)
    African History I
    Religious Studies II
    Zambian Languages (Phonology and Morphology of Zambian Language)
    French Language II

    Educational Technology and Literacy
    Structure of Contemporary English (Morphology, Word formation and Syntax)
    English ( Sociolinguistics)
    Economic History of Europe 1790 to 1914
    Indigenous Religions in Southern Africa
    Philosophy of Religion
    Zambian Languages ( Studies in Non-Bantu Languages of Africa
    French Language III
    Introduction to Literature in French

    Educational Research Methods
    Political Economy of Education
    -Choose Two from the following courses
    English Teaching Methods
    Religious Education Teaching Methods
    History Teaching Methods
    Zambian Languages teaching Methods
    French Teaching Methods

    Teaching Practice – School Teaching
    -Choose Two from the following courses
    English (Psycholinguistics)
    History ( Introduction ton to Archaeology of Historic and Prehistoric Period)
    RE ( African Independent Churches)
    RE ( Introduction to World Scriptures)
    Zambian Languages (African Oral Literature)

    Curriculum Development Studies
    Approaches to Educational Planning
    -History ( Land, Labour and Capital in Southern Africa)
    - Literature ( Criticism and theory of Literature)

    Introduction to Guidance & Counselling
    Educational Evaluation & Testing
    -Choose One
    Studies in Contemporary Linguistics ( Semantics)
    History of Zambia since 1890

  • Bethel University Bethel University, Mongu  

    Entry requirements:

    -One must have a full Grade 12 certificate with minimum five “O” level credits or better which must include English Language or a Zambian Language.
    -A major in Business studies requires Mathematics while a major in a Science requires a Science subject in addition to Mathematics.

    Course description:

    One can can specialize in the following subjects in this course:

    -Art & Design
    -Business Education
    -Civic Education
    -English Language and Literature
    -Family and Consumer Sciences
    -Guidance and Counseling
    -Industrial Technology
    -Physical Education
  • Africa Research University Africa Research University, Lusaka  
    Admission criteria
    (i) Admission at year 1 level- Grade 12, with at least 5 “O” levels.
    -Direct entry to this qualification- no exemption will be offered (Entry requirements: Grade 12 with 5
    -Students with Teaching Certificates will be exempted on an individual basis for subjects which they
    qualify for exemption
    -Students with a Diploma will qualify for the fast-track programme at either Year 3 entry, or Year 4

    Course duration: 4 years
  • Zambian Open University Zambian Open University, Lusaka  
    Entry Requirements:

    • Five “O” level credits including English Language or a Zambian language.
    • Three “O” level credits with a Diploma in Education or a Diploma from a tertiary` institution recognized by the University.

    • (Concessionary Admission) 45 years of age and above with proven evidence of participation in continuous learning through short

    courses, seminars and conferences

    • Any other qualification as may be determined and approved by the Senate.
  • United Church Zambia University United Church Zambia University, Kitwe  
    Course entry requirements

    -Credit passes in at least five subjects obtained at grade 12 (General Certificate of Education) which must include English and Mathematics. OR
    - A diploma of a University or College recognized by UCZ University

    Course duration: 4 years
  • Copperstone University Copperstone University, Kitwe  
    Course entry requirements

    -Five credits or better
  • Kasama College of Education Kasama College of Education, Kasama  
    Duration: 3 years
  • Sunningdale University Sunningdale University, Lusaka  
  • Blessings University of Excellence Blessings University of Excellence, Lusaka  
  • Citizen University Zambia Citizen University Zambia, Lusaka  
  • Gideon Robert University Gideon Robert University, Lusaka  
  • University of Africa University of Africa, Lusaka  
  • The Zambia Catholic University The Zambia Catholic University, Kalulushi  
  • The University of Barotseland The University of Barotseland, Senanga  

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