Colleges and Universities Offering CompTIA Cloud+ Certification in Ireland

  • Course Name: CompTIA Cloud+ Certification()
  • Major Subject:
  • Course Category: Certificate Courses

Institutions Offering CompTIA Cloud+ Certification

  • Pitman Training Pitman Training, Dublin  
    Course duration: 1 week

    Mode of study: Full time

    Course content
    Module 1: Introduction, Models, Service and Delivery Models, Terms and Characteristics, Objects Storage Concepts

    Module 2: Virtualisation, Install, Configure, Manage VM and Devices (Hands on snapshots and cloning), demo

    Backups (hands on virtual network interface cards), demo, Virtual Disks (hands on virtual disks), demo, Virtual Switches, Virtual Resource Migration, Benefits of Virtualisation in a Cloud Environment, Compare and Contrast Virtual Environment

    Module 3: Infrastructure, Different Access Protocols, Explain Storage Configuration, File System Types, Executive Storage Provisioning, Network Share Demo, Implement Appropriate Network Configurations, Importance of Network Optimization, Troubleshoot Basic Network Configuration Troubleshoot Commands, Explain Common Network Protocols, Common Hardware Resources

    Module 4: Resource Management, Establishing Baselines and Thresholds, Appropriately Allocate Physical Host Resources, Appropriately Allocate Virtual Guest Resources, Use Appropriate Tools for Remote Access,

    Module 5: Security, Storage Security Concepts and Methods, Different Encryption Technologies, Identify Access Control Methods

    Module 6: Systems Management, Diagnose, Remediate and Optimise, Common Performance Concepts, Testing Techniques

    Module 7: Business Continuity in Cloud, Solutions To Meet Availability Requirements, Conclusion.

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