Colleges and Universities Offering Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences in Mauritius

  • Course Name: Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences(Social Sciences)
  • Major Subject: Social Sciences
  • Course Category: Degree Courses

Institutions Offering Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences

  •  African Leadership University Mauritius ALU, Pamplemousses  
    Course Duration: 4 Years

    Course Outline:

    Year 1
    Term 1:
    Interdisciplinary Introduction to the Social Sciences

    Year 2
    Term 1:
    Economics 2: Contemporary Economic Issues
    Politics 2: Concepts, Ideas and Issues
    Sociology 2: Culture and Society

    Term 2:
    Society, Employability and Business
    African Studies 2
    Criminology 2: Crime and Society

    Term 3:
    Placement (no credits)
    *African Studies 3 or History 3: The First Global War
    Economics 3: Women Work and Income

    Year 3
    Term 1:
    Sociology 3: Poverty, Inequality and Wealth
    Criminology 3: Theories of Crime and Punishment
    Politics 3: Democratic Challenges – Ideas and Issues

    Term 2:
    Research Methods: Theory and Practice
    *Sociology 4: Global capitalism and 21st Century Work or Global social entrepreneurship
    *Economics 4: Contemporary issues in the world economy

    Term 3:
    *Politics 4: Environmental political thought
    *Criminology 4: Victimology, Trauma and Social Harm
    *African Studies 4
    *Dissertation Part 1

    Year 4
    Term 1:
    Dissertation Part 2

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