Colleges and Universities Offering Bachelor of Arts in Australia

  • Course Name: Bachelor of Arts(Arts)
  • Major Subject: Arts
  • Course Category: Degree Courses

Institutions Offering Bachelor of Arts

  •  Federal University, Ballarat  
    a) Course entry requirements current Year 12 students (2020) and recent secondary graduates (2019 and 2018)

    - Units 3 and 4: a study score of at least 20 in any English

    - A study score of 35 in any Humanities, any History, Literature, Media or Philosophy equals 3 aggregate points per study. Overall maximum of 5 points.

    - Special Entry Access Scheme: Applicants who have experienced educational disadvantage are encouraged to apply for the Special Entry Access Schemes (SEAS). Depending on eligibility and your circumstances, a SEAS application may provide support for your course application.

    b) Course entry requirements for non year 12

    i) Admission criteria for applicants with a Higher Education Study
    - This course uses the applicants’ entire academic record as part of its selection considerations.

    - Previous higher education studies with results at a pass level, including any 'single subjects of study', or successful completion of a tertiary preparatory program such as the FedUni Foundation Access Studies Program (FAST).

    ii) Applicants with a Vocational Education and Training study

    - This course uses the applicants’ entire academic record as part of its selection considerations.

    - Successful completion of a relevant VET qualification at Certificate III level or higher.

    iii) Applicants with work and life experience

    - This course uses the applicants’ entire academic record as part of its selection considerations.

    - Applicants who have not completed secondary education, or undertaken any TAFE or university studies should include a personal statement detailing all relevant experience to strengthen their application.

    Course duration: 3 Years
  •  Charles Darwin University, Darwin  
    Admission criteria:

    Admission requirements are met by one of the following:

    -Successful completion of the Northern Territory Certificate of Education and Training (or equivalent) and the awarding of an Australian -Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) of at least 60.
    -Successful completion of a national qualification at Certificate IV level or higher.
    -Successful completion of at least 0.5 year of full-time study (or equivalent) of a higher education degree/diploma.
    -Overseas secondary or tertiary qualifications considered equivalent to the above Australian qualifications.
    -Attainment of a STAT Multiple Choice score of 135 (or a score of 145 if prior to May 2010).
    -Successful completion of the Tertiary Enabling Program, the Preparation for Tertiary Success courses, or other recognized tertiary preparation course.
    -Submission of an acceptable personal competencies statement and/or employment experience.

    Duration: 3 years

    Career opportunities:

    -The knowledge and skills you acquire through this degree will prepare you for work in a range of government and statutory authorities such as land councils, museums, training and research organizations, diplomacy, policy advisor, communications, media, or consultancy particularly where these organizations engage with central and northern Australia and Asia.
  •  Australian Catholic University , Adelaide  
    Study option: Western Civilization

    Course entry requirements
    An applicant must have completed the following prerequisites at year 12, or equivalent:

    (i) New South Wales
    Assumed knowledge: 2 units of English (any) (Band 3), Mathematics (other than Mathematics General 2) for study in Mathematics (Band 3)

    (ii) Queensland
    Prerequisites: English (4, SA).

    (iii) Victoria
    Prerequisites: Units 3 and 4 a study score of at least 25 in English (EAL) or 20 in any other English.
    Assumed knowledge: Mathematical Methods Units 3 and 4 for study in Mathematics.

    -International applicants must meet the English Language Requirements as defined in the Admissions to Coursework Programs Policy.

    Program duration
    -3 years full-time or equivalent part-time.
    -2 1/5 years full-time in accelerated mode.
  •  Bond University, Queensland  
    Duration: 6 semesters (2 years)

    Entry requirements:-
    -Applicants with recent secondary education (within the past two years) must have the below points
    Min ATAR Min OP Min IB
    65 15 24
    -Applicants must meet the University's general minimum admission criteria.

  •  Deakin University, Melbourne  
    Areas of study

    - Childrens literature
    - Creative writing
    - Dance
    - Design
    - Digital media
  •  Australian National University, Canberra  
    Duration : 3 years

    Career opportunities:

    Graduates may find work in publishing, policy, education, international development, politics, media, journalism, aid, advertising and many other fields.

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