Colleges and Universities Offering Day Skipper in South Africa

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Day Skipper is an esteemed sailing certification program offering comprehensive training for aspiring skippers. This course equips individuals with essential skills needed to safely navigate and manage a yacht in coastal and offshore waters. Participants gain in-depth knowledge of chart work, navigation, meteorology, tides and collision regulations. Additionally, they learn seamanship, boat handling, sail trimming and safety procedures.

Graduates of Day Skipper can pursue exciting career opportunities such as:

1. Yacht Skipper
2. Sailing Instructor
3. Sailboat Charter Captain
4. Marine Tourism Operator
5. Sailing Event Manager
6. Yacht Broker
7. Marine Safety Officer
8. Maritime Journalist
9. Yacht Delivery Crew
10. Marine Conservationist.

Institutions Offering Day Skipper

  • Good Hope Sailing Academy Good Hope Sailing Academy, Cape Town  
    Course entry requirements
    -At least 16 years of age.
    -An eye test including colour vision
    -200 miles logged on a sailing vessel as an active member of crew.
    -2 night hours on watch.

    Course duration
    (i) Part-time
    -6 consecutive Saturdays
    - 5 consecutive Tuesday evenings

    (ii) Full-time Theory
    -4 consecutive weekdays

    (iii) Full-time Practical
    -5 consecutive weekdays

    Course content
    -Safety at sea
    -Compass work
    -Plotting a course
    -Obtaining fixes
    -Chart plotter
    -Weather patterns
    -Seamanship and skipper's pre-sailing actions
    -Cape Town Port Regulations
    -Rules of the Road
  • SA Maritime School and Transport College SA Maritime School and Transport College, Durban  

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