Colleges and Universities Offering Master of Science in Biotechnology in Ireland

  • Course Name: Master of Science in Biotechnology(Biotechnology)
  • Major Subject: Biotechnology
  • Course Category: Masters Courses

Institutions Offering Master of Science in Biotechnology

  • National University of Ireland National University of Ireland, Galway  
    Course Outline:
    Key features of this course include:
    • Emphasis on developing biotechnology and business skills
    • Choice of industrial or research focussed streams
    • Small group tutorials
    • Five-month laboratory project providing the opportunity to build research and development expertise while being a member of a scientific research team

    Core modules:
    • MSc Biotechnology research and/or work experience: Five-month research project.
    • Frontiers in Biotechnology: Tutorials introducing transferable skills and recent advances in biotechnology.
    • Introduction to Business: Concepts of marketing, management and accountancy including student development of a biotechnology business plan.
    • Fundamental Concepts in Pharmacology: Understanding the dynamics and kinetics of drug interactions in the body.
    • Protein Technology: Includes industrial scale-up of protein production, proteomics and glycobiology.
    • Diagnostic Biotechnology: A comprehensive overview of immunological and molecular diagnostics.
    Optional modules (choose three):
    • Advanced Industrial Processes: This module is designed to develop an awareness of microbial technologies and their applications to biotechnology.
    • Applied Concepts in Pharmacology: This module introduces students to autonomic pharmacology and drug discovery and development.
    • Scientific Writing: This module aims to provide students with an in-depth understanding of the process of scientific publication (writing and reviewing articles).
    • Immunology: This module is delivered with emphasis on the clinical value of manipulating the immune system as well as the clinical implications of immunological dysfunction.
    • Quality Management Systems for Biotechnology: Quality management systems essential for the efficient and safe running of commercial and industrial biotechnology enterprises are taught in this module.
    • Cell & Molecular Biology: Advanced Technologies: This module outlines the fundamentals of cell & molecular biology.

    *Please note that the curriculum information is subject to change from year to year.
  • University College Cork University College Cork, Cork  
    Duration: 1 year full-time

    Course Outline:
    Our MSc Biotechnology is a one-year programme designed to provide you with the theoretical and practical skills for employment in the industries of biomedical research, biopharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and biotechnology. The curriculum has been developed with input from staff in local biotechnology and biopharmaceutical industries, to provide you with the necessary skills required by employers.
    This MSc Biotechnology programme consists of eight modules, set practical sessions, career service workshops, an industry lecture series, and a six-month research project. You have the choice to complete your six-month research project in a national or international industry or university environment.

    Students complete a research project and study the following eight modules:
    • MB6004 Advanced Molecular Microbial Biotechnology
    • PF6301 Biopharmaceuticals: formulation design, secondary processing and regulatory compliance
    • PE6008 Bioprocess Engineering
    • BC6001 Cell and Molecular Biology
    • MB6003 Functional Foods for Health
    • BT6001 Genetic Engineering
    • CM6011 Modern Methods in Analytical Chemistry
    • PS6001 Plant Genetic Engineering

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