Colleges and Universities Offering Home Decor Course in South Africa

  • Course Name: Home Decor Course()
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  • Course Category: Certificate Courses

Home Decor Course offers a comprehensive understanding of interior design principles, practical skills and creative techniques to transform living spaces. This hands-on course covers various aspects of home decoration including color schemes, furniture placement, lighting and accessorizing. Students will learn to create stylish and functional interiors that reflect clients' tastes and needs.

Graduates of this course can pursue diverse career opportunities in the home decor industry such as:

1. Interior decorator
2. Home staging specialist
3. Furniture consultant
4. Retail store visual merchandiser
5. Set designer
6. Event decorator
7. Freelance home decorator
8. Design consultant for home improvement stores
9. Online home decor influencer
10. Home decor blogger.

Institutions Offering Home Decor Course

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