Colleges and Universities Offering PhD in Accountancy in Australia

  • Course Name: PhD in Accountancy()
  • Major Subject:
  • Course Category: Doctorate Courses

Institutions Offering PhD in Accountancy

  •  RMIT University, Melbourne  
    Full-time 4 years, Part-time 8 years

    Electives and program structure:
    You will undertake the PhD program under the supervision of an appointed research supervisor.
    The PhD program is structured to enable you to:
    • Complete a compulsory research methods course
    • Receive training in research integrity and ethics
    • Select studies in qualitative and quantitative research techniques
    • Complete a thesis/project which demonstrates your contribution to the field and your ability to communicate complex research for peers and the community to an international standard.
    Research Integrity modules
    You are required to complete the online modules:
    • Research integrity
    • Copyright and intellectual property
    • Data management and copyright
    You may need to complete an ethics module to ensure your research is ethical and responsible.
    Research Methods:
    The compulsory course Introduction to Research Methods introduces you to research methods commonly used in business disciplines. It helps you explore and discuss how to plan and scope a research project, frame appropriate research questions, write research proposals, and understand 'mixed methods’ approaches to conducting and documenting your research. It is taught in large discipline groups.
    Research Techniques:
    Electives in qualitative or quantitative research techniques are available once data collection has begun. You can use your own data to explore different research analysis techniques. Your supervisor will help decide when you should take these electives.
    Co-curricular activities:
    You are encouraged to participate in activities offered by the university, College and School according to your needs and interests.
    This PhD may be undertaken in a project, thesis by publication or thesis mode. Prospective candidates should discuss these modes of submission with their potential supervisor/s prior to application.

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