Colleges and Universities Offering Postgraduate Diploma in Human Rights in South Africa

  • Course Name: Postgraduate Diploma in Human Rights(Human Rights)
  • Major Subject: Human Rights
  • Course Category: Post Graduate Diploma Courses

Postgraduate Diploma in Human Rights provides students with a comprehensive understanding of human rights principles, laws and policies at the national and international levels. This program equips graduates with the knowledge and skills required to work in various sectors related to human rights advocacy and legal protection.

Graduates of this program can pursue diverse career opportunities including:
1. Human rights officer
2. Policy analyst
3. Legal advisor
4. Researcher
5. Advocacy coordinator
6. Social justice educator
7. Non-governmental organization (NGO) program manager
8. Humanitarian worker
9. Human rights consultant
10. Diplomat

Institutions Offering Postgraduate Diploma in Human Rights

  • University of Fort Hare University of Fort Hare, Alice  
    Admission Requirements:
    This postgraduate programme is undertaken by coursework only. It is available to persons who are in possession of any undergraduate degree considered suitable by the Research and Higher Degrees Committee of the Faculty of Law.

    Duration of Study:
    1 Year
  • University of Cape Town University of Cape Town, Cape Town  

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