Colleges and Universities Offering Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in Ireland

  • Course Name: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science(Computer Science)
  • Major Subject: Computer Science
  • Course Category: Degree Courses

Institutions Offering Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

  • University College Cork University College Cork, Cork  
    Duration: 4 Years

    Teaching Mode: Full-time

    Course Outline:
    Graduates of Computer Science at UCC understand how computer-based systems work and how we can harness their potential to develop sophisticated computer applications upon which our modern world depends. The BSc in Computer Science is a full-time four-year degree course that encompasses all aspects of computer systems (both software and hardware) and ICT (information and communication technology), including software development, database technology, computer networks, operating systems, algorithms, security, web technology and applications.
    All modules 5 credits unless otherwise stated.

    Year 1
    • CS1106 Introduction to Relational Databases
    • CS1110 Computer Hardware Organization
    • CS1111 Systems Organization
    • CS1112 Foundations of Computer Science I
    • CS1113 Foundations of Computer Science II
    • CS1115 Web Development I
    • CS1116 Web Development II
    • CS1117 Introduction to Programming (15 credits)
    CS1130 & CS1131 Irish Language for Computer Science I & II
    CH1001 Chinese Language (Mandarin) I (Beginner Level) (10 credits)
    EC1202 Economic Reasoning for Business & EC1203 Macroeconomic Context and Business
    FR0105 Introduction to French & FR1005 French for Near Beginners OR FR1105 Threshold French & FR1107 French for Reading Purposes I
    GE0005 & GE0008 German Language (CEFR-Level A2.1 & A2.2)
    HS0028 Spanish Language (Beginner Level) (10 credits)
    IT1102 Non-Beginners’ Written and Spoken Italian (10 credits) OR IT1109 Introduction to Written and Spoken Italian (10 credits)
    MA1001 & MA1002 Calculus for Science Parts 1 & 2 OR MA1059 Calculus, MA1060 Introduction to Analysis

    Year 2
    • CS2208 Information Storage and Management I
    • CS2209 Information Storage and Management II
    • CS2503 Operating Systems I
    • CS2505 Network Computing
    • CS2506 Operating Systems II
    • CS2507 Computer Architecture
    • CS2513 Intermediate Programming
    • CS2514 Introduction to Java
    • CS2515 Algorithms and Data Structures I
    • CS2516 Algorithms and Data Structures II
    ELECTIVES: Computer Science options; Language options; Mathematics.

    Year 3
    • CS3305 Team Software Project (10 credits)
    • CS3306 Workplace Technology and Skills (10 credits)
    • CS3318 Advanced Programming with Java
    • CS3500 Software Engineering
    Students also take 20 credits worth of computer science electives
    Work placement: 6 months (March to September) or 12 months (from March)

    Year 4
    • CS4501 Computer Science Project (15 credits)
    Students also take 20 credits worth of computer science electives
    From year two, students can choose the Software Entrepreneurship stream.
    Year 2 Modules
    (25 Computer Science; 35 Economics)
    Year 3 Modules
    (40 Computer Science; 20 Economics)
    CORE: Work Placement: 6 months (March to September) or 12 months (from March)
    Year 4 Modules
    (35 Computer Science; 25 Economics)
  • University College Dublin University College Dublin, Dublin  
    Duration: 4 Years

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