Colleges and Universities Offering Diploma in Special Needs Education in Kenya

  • Course Name: Diploma in Special Needs Education(Special Needs Education)
  • Major Subject: Special Needs Education
  • Course Category: Diploma Courses

Institutions Offering Diploma in Special Needs Education

  •  MIT Teachers Training College, Machakos  
    Course entry requirements
    (i) Holder of P1 Teacher Training Certificate by training with a minimum of 2 years teaching experience.
    (ii) Holder of P1 Teacher Certificate through promotion by the Ministry of Education after passing through the Teacher Proficiency Course (TPC) course.
    (iii) Holder of Certificate Course in ECDE from KNEC or Ministry of Education DICECE certificate with at least D+ in KCSE or its equivalent and at least 2 years teaching experience.
  •  Rongo University, Rongo  
    Duration: 4 semesters

    Tuition fees: 30,000/= per semester

    Minimum entry requirements:
    i. Minimum grade C Plain in KCSE and above.
    ii. At least C minus in English
    iii. C (minus) in Mathematics for Science based courses
    iv. D( plain) in Mathematics in non-science based courses
  •  Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University for Science and Technology, Bondo  
    Duration: 2 years

    Tuition fees: 76,000 per Year

    Minimum entry requirements:
    - KCSE Mean Grade of C-(Minus) and a minimum of C+ (Plus) in two teaching subjects; OR
    - D+ (Plus) in a relevant certificate from accredited institution.
  •  Gretsa University, Thika  
    Duration: 6 semesters

    Minimum entry requirements:
    -KCSE minimum mean Grade of C (Plain).
    -Equivalent Certificate recognized by the university senate from a recognized institution.

    Tuition fees: Ksh 25,000
  •  Kanaan International College, Kisumu  
    Entry Requirements:
    Primary Teacher Education Training or Teacher Proficiency Course Offered by the Ministry of Education
    KCSE Mean Grade D+ or KCE Division 3 in addition to a KNEC Certificate in ECDE
  •  Baraton College, Baraton  
    Entry Requirements:
    K.C.S.E. mean grade of C (plain) with at least C (plain) in English and Kiswahili, Mathematics, Humanities (Any) and Sciences (Any).

    Duration: 6 semesters
  •  Presbyterian University of East Africa, Kikuyu  
    Admission requirements - KCSE mean grade C+ (plus) and C (plain) in English

    Duration: 2 Years
  •  Nakuru Teachers Training College, Nakuru  
    Admission criteria
    -One must be a trained teacher
  •  Equip Africa Institute, Thika  
    Duration: 3 years
  •  Maa Institute of Professional Studies, Kajiado  
    Exam Body: KNEC
  •  Kenya Institute of Special Education, Nairobi  
  •  Kenya Ecde Teachers Training College, Nairobi  
  •  Nyanchwa Teachers Training College, Kisii  
  •  Shanzu Teachers Training College, Mombasa  
  •  The Golden Gate College, Mosoriot  

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