Colleges and Universities Offering Master of English and Literature in Zambia

  • Course Name: Master of English and Literature(English and Literature)
  • Major Subject: English and Literature
  • Course Category: Masters Courses

Institutions Offering Master of English and Literature

  • UNICAF University Zambia UNICAF University Zambia, Lusaka  
    Programme Outline

    Foundation Courses

    UU-Msc-IND100-ZM Induction Module
    UU-FNT-203-ZM Introduction to Master Degree

    Core requirements (required modules)

    UU-LIT-710-ZM Politics and Gender: Narratives of Violence
    UU-LIT-720-ZM Readings of Trauma and Madness in Literature
    UU-LIT-730-ZM Subalternity and Representation
    UU-LIT-740-ZM Cultural Representations: Class, Race and Gender
    UU-LIT-750-ZM Africas of the Mind
    UU-LIT-760-ZM The Enigmatic Body of Modernism
    UU-LIT-770-ZM War, Mourning, Memory: 1914- 1939
    UU-LIT-780-ZM Creative writing
    UU-LIT-790-ZM Final Project

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