Colleges and Universities Offering Bachelor of Pharmacy in Botswana

  • Course Name: Bachelor of Pharmacy(Pharmacy)
  • Major Subject: Pharmacy
  • Course Category: Degree Courses

Institutions Offering Bachelor of Pharmacy

  •  University of Botswana, Gaborone  
    Admission requirements:
    a) There is no direct entry into the B Pharm degree programme for School leavers with Botswana General Certificate of Secondary Education (BGCSE).
    b) Applicants who have completed BSc Year 1 and have passed BIO111 Principles of Biology; BIO112 Diversity of Plants and Animals; CHE101 General Chemistry I; CHE102 General Chemistry II; MAT111 Introductory Mathematics I; MAT122 Introductory Mathematics II; PHY112 Geometrical Optics and Mechanics; PHY122 Electricity, Magnetism
    and Elements of Modern Physics may apply to transfer to the B Pharm degree programme.
    c) Applicants who hold Advanced Level passes in (i) Chemistry with B or better, (ii) Mathematics, (iii) Biology and (iv) Physics with grade C or better will be admitted into Level 200, but will be required to take GEC courses COM101 and COM102 if not already done.
    d) Applicants possessing a Diploma must satisfy General Academic Regulations 20.24. Applicants who hold a Diploma in Pharmacy Technician obtained from Institute of Health Sciences or its equivalent shall be admitted into Level 200, but will be required to take GEC courses COM101 and COM102 if not already done. These candidates will not be exempted from practicums.
    e)Holders of a degree in Pharmaceutical Science will be considered for advanced placement on-a-case-by-case basis with the decision guided by other pharmacy courses already completed, the duration and the area of pharmacy practice since graduation. However, Pharmacy Practice and Pharmacotherapeutics courses will be mandatory.
    f) An applicant with a BSc degree in chemistry/biological science or equivalent he/she may be exempted from equivalent courses prescribed in the degree programme, subject to the recommendations of the School.
    g) Applicants may be interviewed and personal and professional behaviours will be considered in the process.

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