Colleges and Universities Offering Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology in Ireland

  • Course Name: Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology(Biotechnology)
  • Major Subject: Biotechnology
  • Course Category: Degree Courses

Institutions Offering Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology

  • University College Cork University College Cork, Cork  
    Duration: 4 Years

    Teaching Mode: Full-time

    Course Outline:
    A biotechnologist takes an understanding of life science and applies it to the benefit of mankind. The BSc (Hons) Biotechnology will provide students with an excellent training in modern biotechnology, including molecular biology, food biotechnology, immunology, protein science, bioinformatics and process engineering. Students will also be expected to complete a work placement and a final year research project.

    The entry route to the BSc Biotechnology is through the general Biological and Chemical Sciences (CK402) entry. At the end of the degree you will have an excellent training in the life sciences with a skill set that will equip you for a career in research and/or industry.

    Year 1 Modules:
    Comprises core modules in the four main branches of science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths. Biology modules include Microbiology, Biotechnology and Biochemistry.

    Year 2 Modules:
    You will begin to specialize but you will still be able to choose modules that will leave you with 3 or more degree choices at the end of the year. Core biology modules include Molecular Biology, Microbiology and Biochemistry.

    Year 3 Modules:
    You commit to your degree choice. In the BSc Biotechnology you will take a dedicated course of lectures and practical laboratory modules encompassing Microbiology, Biochemistry, Process Engineering and Pharmacology.

    At the end of year 3 you will carry out a 5 month (from May to October) work placement in an industry and/or laboratory that is relevant to biotechnology. The placements are organized with the support of the Careers Office in UCC.

    Year 4 Modules:
    You will take a dedicated set of courses in Microbiology, Biochemistry and Process Engineering. You will also undertake a supervised research project in a research laboratory in UCC.
  • National University of Ireland National University of Ireland, Galway  
    Course Outline:
    The BSc Biotechnology combines a strong foundation in science with a broad awareness of how this can be applied and skills to translate this knowledge.

    In first year students study core biology, chemistry and maths principles alongside unique biotechnology and language modules with an emphasis on practical activities.

    In second year students study molecular cell biology, microbiology and chemistry while continuing to develop their biotechnology and language skills.

    In third year students continue with molecular cell biology and microbiology plus pharmacology and their language. In semester 2 there is an opportunity for a 3-6 month placement in Irish industry or a research laboratory in continental Europe. An on-campus alternative course emphasizing genetics and biochemistry is also available.

    In final year students take modules in biochemistry, a business course including business development project, as well as completing semester-long individually mentored literature review and research project.

    • Biotechnology Concepts and Labs
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Data Science
    • Employability Skills in Biotechnology
    • Language (French or German)

    • Biotechnology Innovations
    • Biochemistry
    • Microbiology
    • Chemistry
    • Language (French or German)

    • Biotechnology Skills
    • Biochemistry
    • Microbiology
    • Pharmacology
    • Language (French or German)
    • Placement and on-campus option

    • Advanced research project
    • Topical scientific literature review
    • Molecular Cell Biology
    • Elective: Bioprocessing or Plant and AgriBiotechnologies
    • Introduction to Business with business plan pitch
    • Modern Biotechnologies
  • Dublin City University Dublin City University, Dublin  
    Delivery Modes: Full-Time

    Duration: Four Years

    About the course:
    By studying a wide range of scientific and engineering subjects, you’ll gain the necessary skills to succeed in the emerging, technology-driven biotech industry.

    At the start of the Biotechnology course, you’ll be introduced to the basic sciences, mathematics and computing. As you progress, you’ll discover more comprehensive areas of biotechnology, ranging from genetics and process engineering to immunology and gene cloning.

    In third year, specialist areas are introduced. In addition, in Year Three you will have the opportunity to work in industry as part of our paid industrial training programme (INTRA).

    In fourth year there is a strong emphasis on choice, with students selecting from a wide range of subjects. You’ll also undertake a significant research project in your final year.

    Science courses at DCU provide an ideal opportunity to acquire hands-on experience, not only at the laboratory bench but also in meeting the challenges associated with ongoing creative research projects. Here you’ll be able to explore your true potential through practical work—much of which count towards your final mark.
  • Maynooth University Maynooth University, Maynooth  
    Course structure :

    Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and 1 other Science subject (Experimental Physics or Mathematical Physics)

    Concentrate on Biotechnology, Chemistry, and 1 of the other 2 subjects you studied in first year (excluding Critical Skills)
    Optional 10 credit Electives

    Focus mainly on Biotechnology and Chemistry

    Concentrate on Biotechnology
    Industry work placement (subject to availability)

    Course Duration: 4 years

    Entry Requirements :
    Leaving Certificate applicants are required to present (as a minimum): 2H5 & 4O6/H7 and O6/H7 in Irish, English, Science subject (i.e. Agricultural Science, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Physics, or Physics with Chemistry) & O4/H7 Mathematics.
  • Technological University of the Shannon Technological University of the Shannon, Athlone  
    Course entry requirements
    -Level 6 – Higher Certificate in Applied Science. (AL632) or an equivalent Level 6 qualification achieved from another third level institution. Students commence their studies at Year 3 of AL730.

    Course duration: 1 year

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