Colleges and Universities Offering Bachelor of Arts in Economics in Liberia

  • Course Name: Bachelor of Arts in Economics(Economics)
  • Major Subject: Economics
  • Course Category: Degree Courses

Institutions Offering Bachelor of Arts in Economics

  •  William V. S. Tubman University, Monrovia  
    Program Description:
    Economics is the study of how society, businesses, organizations and individuals,
    produce, exchange, buy and sell goods and services. The BA Economics degree program
    hosted in the College of Management and Administration is designed to provide the
    students with a solid grasp of economic theory, philosophy, applied economics, research
    and statistical techniques that would help develop their minds to critical thinking on
    economic issues as well as policy formulation, and management. The program offers
    ideal preparation for employment in all areas of graduate work. Students completing the
    program are expected to be fully equipped with the requisite knowledge, skills and
    attitudes to both be able to create and make use of job opportunities in the private and
    public space, in business, finance, government and international affairs as well as other
    endeavors of life. We are keen to producing students who would meet the requirements
    for postgraduate studies in economics and related fields. The program has Akron
    advantage in that it culminates in a senior project where you will demonstrate your
    abilities and apply what you have learned, both analytically and quantitatively.

    Program Objectives:
    - To produce economy minded students with analytical skills who will work in the
    fields of economic research and policy development as well as the management of
    private and public institutions.
    - To produce economy minded students that would meet the requirements to pursue
    higher learning in the field of economics and related fields.
    Student Learning Outcomes
    - Demonstrate knowledge of the principles of economics and economic models as
    they apply to various business fields.
    - Ability to apply principles and data collection and analyses techniques
    - Demonstrate competency in applying economics principles to manage various
    types of business entities.

    Curriculum Requirements:
    Candidates enrolling for the Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree program in Economics are to
    meet the following four year course requirements to be eligible for graduation.
    - TU General Education Courses (20) 52 credits
    - College specific Required Courses (7) 21 credits
    - Elective Courses ( at least 2) 6 credits
    - Professional Courses (19) 57 credits
    Total 136 credits

    Core Requirements
    - General Education 52 Credit Hours
    - ACCT 201 Principles of Accounting I
    - ACCT 202 Principles of Accounting II
    - ECON 201 Principles of Economics I
    - ECON 202 Principle of Economics II
    - ECON 203 Quantitative Techniques for Business and Economics
    - BUS 202 Principles of Management
    - PADM 202 Introduction to Public Administration
    - EED 301 Entrepreneurship Education I
    - EED 302 Entrepreneurship Education II

    Concentration Requirements
    - ECON 301 & 302 Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis I& II
    - ECON 303 & 304 Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis I& II
    - ECON 306 Survey of the Liberian Economy
    - ECON 307 Mathematics for Economists
    - ECON 313 & 314 Business and Economics Statistics I& II
    - ECON 308 Research Methodology
    - ECON 403 History of Economic Thought
    - ECON 405 Development Economics
    - ECON 407 Mathematical Economics
    - ECON 408 Econometrics and Time Series
    - ECON 402 Public Finance
    - ECON 411 Monetary Economics
    - ECON 429 Economic Internship
    - ECON 430 Project Writing

    - ECONS 404 Managerial Economics
    - BFN 301 Financial Management
    - BFN 303 Investment Theory and Analysis
    - ACCT 301 Intermediate Accounting I
    - ACCT 302 Intermediate Accounting II
    - ACCT 303 Cost Accounting I
    - ACCT 304 Cost Accounting II
    - PADM 307 Administrative Theory and Practice
    - ECON 317 Industrial Economics
    - ECON 312 International Economic Analysis
    - BUS 314 Operation Research
    - BFN 302 Corporate Finance
    - PADM 306 Administrative Law and Practice
    - ECON 403 History of Economic Thoughts
    - ECON 409 Economic Planning and Project Evaluation
    - ECON 415 Agricultural Economics
    - BUS 411 Entrepreneurship and Small Business
    - BFN 403 Management of Financial Institutions
    - ECON 410 Labor and Resource Economics
    - BFN 412 International Business Finance
    - BFN 404 Advanced Corporate Finance
  •  United Methodist University, Monrovia  

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