Colleges and Universities Offering Higher National Diploma in Computer Science in Ireland

  • Course Name: Higher National Diploma in Computer Science(Computer Science)
  • Major Subject: Computer Science
  • Course Category: Higher Diploma Courses

Institutions Offering Higher National Diploma in Computer Science

  • Waterford Institute of Technology Waterford Institute of Technology, Waterford  
    Course entry requirements
    -Successful applicants for this course will be existing honours graduates (level 8) with the capacity and aptitude (for example numeracy skills) to complete an intensive Computer Science programme and work placement. Typical disciplines which would fall into this category would be Engineering; Architecture; Mathematics, Physics and Financial Services. These students are generally strongly suited to the programme.

    -We have also successfully graduated students with a good general analytic aptitude, with an academic background in Management Information Systems, Economics; Accounting; Business and the Arts. For these students, we request that they sample a taster of the programme consisting of the first 4 weeks of the semester 1 content to ascertain their level of interest and disposition towards the discipline (available here: This has provided a more comprehensive screening method, with students self-selecting into the programme if they are comfortable with this experience.

    Course duration: 2 years

    Mode of delivery: Online

    Course content:
    -Orientation Day on site in WIT
    -Programming (10 credits)
    -Web Development (5 credits)
    -Summer School module (5 credits) including optional onsite day at WIT
    -Computer Systems (5 credits)
    -Computer Networks (5 credits)
    -Project Proposal element (5 credits) including optional onsite day at WIT
    -Enterprise Service Development (10 credits)
    -Developer Operations (5 credits)
    -Project Prototype element (5 credits) of the Project/Placement including optional onsite day at WIT
    -Mobile App Development (10 credits)
    -EITHER Industry-Based Project Implementation and Report (30 credits)
    -AND/OR Work Placement and Report (30 Credits)

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