Colleges and Universities Offering Bachelor of Strategic Communication in South Africa

  • Course Name: Bachelor of Strategic Communication(Strategic Communication)
  • Major Subject: Strategic Communication
  • Course Category: Degree Courses

Institutions Offering Bachelor of Strategic Communication

  •  The Independent Institute of Education,Vega, Pretoria  
    Course name: BA Strategic Brand Communication Degree

    Course content

    (i) Strategic Brand Communication 1

    (ii) Critical Thinking and Media Studies 1

    (iii) Principles of Innovation

    (iv) Business Communication and Digital Media 1

    (v) Brand Communication Project Management

    (vi) Strategic Brand Communication 2

    (vii) Critical Thinking and Media Studies 2

    (viii) Practice of Innovation 2

    (ix) Brand Activation

    (x) Consumer Behaviour 2

    (xi) Business Communication and Digital Media 2

    (xii) Channel Planning

    (xiii) Sustainable Business Practice

    (xiv) Strategic Brand Communication 3

    (xv) Critical Thinking and Media Studies 3

    (xvi) Innovation Management 3

    (xvii) Brand Challenge

    (xviii) Experiential Brand Building

    (xix) Digital Brand Building

    (xx) Public Relations and Brand Reputation

    (xxi) Introduction to Research and Research Practice

    Applicants are expected to posses any of the qualifications below:

    (i) A National Senior Certificate (NSC) with Degree admission- A minimum of 30 % for English coupled with a minimum of 50% in four recognised 20-credit NSC subjects (This excludes LO which is a 10-credit subject); OR

    (ii) A National Certificate (Vocational) NC(V) with Degree admission – A minimum of 60% in English on either First Additional Language or Home Language level AND Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy AND Life Orientation, with a minimum of 70% in the four vocational subjects is required; OR

    (iii) A Senior Certificate (SC) (with endorsement); OR

    (iv) A Senior Certificate (Amended) SC(A) with degree admission; OR

    (v) Alternatively, a Higher Certificate, an Advanced Certificate, 240 or 360 credit Diploma in a cognate* field may satisfy the minimum admission requirements to degree studies.
    For international qualifications: A USAf Exemption Certificate to degree studies is required.

    Fees: R77 000

    Program duration: 3 years
  •  Tshwane University of Technology, Pretoria  
    Duration: 1 year

    Minimum entry requirement:
    -A Postgraduate Diploma in Integrated Communication, or an honours degree, or a baccalaureus technologiae, or an equivalent qualification at NQF Level 8 in a related discipline obtained from an accredited South African university, with an average of 60%.
    -Candidates with a baccalaureus technologiae will be required to complete a bridging module: Research Methodology in Integrated Communication. Registration for the master’s degree and the bridging module may be undertaken concurrently. Candidates with other qualifications who have not previously completed a module on Research Methodology (at NQF Level 8), will also be required to register for the bridging module.
  •  University of Johannesburg, Johannesburg  
    Bachelor of Arts Honours in Strategic Communication

    Admission requirements:
    If a student intends specializing in a specialist field in which an undergraduate programme was not offered, extended reading and/or an oral examination will be required. Permission may be granted by the Head of the Department to take an Honours module from another subject.

    Duration of programme: 1 year full-time or 2 years part-time

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