Colleges and Universities Offering Diploma in Animation in South Africa

  • Course Name: Diploma in Animation(Animation)
  • Major Subject: Animation
  • Course Category: Diploma Courses

Institutions Offering Diploma in Animation

  • Oakfields College Oakfields College, Pretoria  
    Course name: Diploma in 3D Animation

    The following are the software programs used during learning:

    (i) Motion Builder

    (ii) After Effects

    (iii) Maya

    (iv) 3DMax

    (v) Illustrator

    (vi) Premiere

    (vii) Mudbox

    Course content:

    (i) Animation Practice I

    (ii) Media Studies l

    (iii) Business Communication

    (iv) Entrepreneurship

    (v) Academic Literacy

    (vi) Art History l

    (vii) Drawing l

    (viii) Illustration

    (ix) Visual Communication l

    (x) Animation Discourse

    (xi) Character Design For Animation

    (xii) Professional and Ethical Development

    (xiii) Animation Practice III

    (xiv) Art Direction

    (xv) Visual Communication lll

    (xvi) Final Production Project

    (xvii) Work Integrated Learning

    (xviii) Media Studies II

    (xix) Drawing II

    (xx) Stop Motion

    (xxi) Film Studies

    (xxii) Animation Practice II

    (xxiii) Life Drawing

    (xxiv) Art History ll

    (xxv) Visual Communication ll

    (xxvi) Pre-production Project

    Course requirements: Portfolio and NSC endorsed with minimum entry requirements for admission to diploma study

    Course duration: Three years

  • Cityvarsity School of Media and Creative Arts Cityvarsity School of Media and Creative Arts, Cape Town   
    Course entry requirements:
    -A National Senior Certificate (NSC) with Diploma endorsement
    -A National Certificate Vocational (NCV) at NQF Level 4 with Diploma endorsement
    -Amended Senior Certificate (ASC), with Diploma endorsement
    A Senior Certificate (SC)
    -Foreign School leaving Certificate that complies with minimum admission requirements for Diploma study as gazetted by the Matriculation Board (Equivalency evaluation is completed with the Matriculation Board)
    -RPL /CAT ( as per admission policy)
    -Age Exemption (23 years or older as per admission policy)

    Course duration: 3 years

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