Colleges and Universities Offering Pan Degree in Practical Business Finance in Zimbabwe

  • Course Name: Pan Degree in Practical Business Finance()
  • Major Subject:
  • Course Category: Degree Courses

Institutions Offering Pan Degree in Practical Business Finance

  • Afrodigital Pan University Afrodigital Pan University, Harare  
    Target Group:
    1. Entrepreneurs
    2. Small business owners
    3. Programme / Project Officers
    4. Economic Planners
    5. Investigators
    6. Procurement Managers
    7. Human Resource Managers
    8. Chief Executive Officers

    The Pan Degree in Practical Business Finance Modules:

    Introduction to Business Finance
    Company Financial Structures & Trades.
    The Business Cycle.
    Financial Objectives
    Funding a Business.
    Profit v Cash Accounting.
    Key Financial Statements.
    Key Financial Ratios.
    Breakeven Analysis.
    Working Capital & Cash Flow Management.
    Accruals & Prepayments.
    Costs Management.
    Capex & Opex and Depreciation.
    Budgeting & Forecasting.
    Management Accounts.

    Key Practical Skills in the Pan Degree in Practical Business Finance:

    Preparing basic financial statements
    Preparing budgets and forecasts of your business.
    Calculate the gearing of your company.
    Calculate basic financial ratios of your business and interpret.
    Split costs by behaviour –fixed/variable.
    Calculate the Break-Even Point of your business

    Learning options:

    This course is 100% online. City-based meet-ups can be organized by students to share knowledge and network.

    Course length – 16 weeks.

    Time Commitment – 6 hours weekly.

    Assessment – All students will get certificates after completing projects and passing the computer-based examinations.

    Participant Activities: Real-world finance projects. Create financial statements, including budgets and projects evaluation.

    Exemptions – There are no exemptions in this course.

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