Colleges and Universities Offering Advanced Microsoft Excel in Nigeria

  • Course Name: Advanced Microsoft Excel(Excel)
  • Major Subject: Excel
  • Course Category: Certificate Courses

Institutions Offering Advanced Microsoft Excel

  • FlamyTech Computer School FlamyTech Computer School, Lagos  
    Course name: Diploma in Advanced Excel

    Course content
    (i) VLOOKUP Example

    (ii) Loan Amortization Schedule example

    (iii) Consolidate Similar Budgets Example

    (iv) Consolidate Dis ‚ÄźSimilar Budgets Example

    (v) Scenario Manager

    (vi) Solver

    (vii) Combo Charts

    (viii) Email Merge from Excel

    (ix) Validation

    (x) Macros

    (xi) Hyperlinks

    (xii) Administrative Page

    (xiii) Protection

    (xiv) Encryption (Password Protection)

    (xv) Formula Auditing

    (xvi) Gantt Chart

    (xvii) Web Queries

    (xviii) Precision as Displayed

    (xix) Linear Regression Analysis

    (xx) Tabs

    (xxi) Set up Options

    This course is for those who work in business administration and accounting sectors.
    This course assumes that the student already has a basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel and wants to build upon that.

    Course duration: Seven days
  • HiiT Plc HiiT Plc, Abuja  

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