Colleges and Universities Offering Doctor of Education in Ireland

  • Course Name: Doctor of Education()
  • Major Subject:
  • Course Category: Doctorate Courses

Institutions Offering Doctor of Education

  •  Dublin City University, Dublin  
    Delivery Mode: Part-time

    Duration: 4 years

    About the course:
    Specifically the programme aims to:
    Educate to the highest international standards an existing and emerging educational leadership by providing leading edge experiences to facilitate the development of research expertise, critical and analytical skills in a variety of areas, and capacities for leadership.
    Enable participants to develop an in-depth knowledge and understanding in the Areas of Professional Focus while at the same time help them to situate their emerging perspectives within national and international discourses with a view to shaping and giving direction to existing and emerging policy and practice agendas.
    It is also intended that the participants will have an opportunity to:
    • Extend their knowledge of and expertise in competing and complementary research paradigms and genres (including philosophical approaches to enquiry);
    • Critique policy frameworks and their application in the interrogation of policy documents and/or; international 'social movements' and the manner in which these are refracted nationally within educational discourses;
    • Develop skills in becoming a critical consumer of published research as well as highly skilled in academic writing and publishing for a variety of educational audiences;
    • Develop and enhance their leadership potential as well as the skills appropriate for collaboration and team work, communication, interpersonal and intra-personal reflective capacity and presentational skills.

    Course Structure:
    Our part-time EdD programme is over four years with the first two years involving a taught programme and the final two years involving research under the guidance of your supervisor(s).
    The Doctor of Education programme utilizes a mix of on-campus and online sessions. Year one will involve attendance on campus for a summer school in August, and for one weekend in semester one and one weekend in semester two. Two additional weekends in semester one and semester two will be hosted online. Year two will also have six weekends in total, two on campus and four online. Weekends typically consist of Friday evening lectures 4.30 - 8.30 and Saturday lectures 9.00 - 6.00 pm.
    There are a number of core modules which all students attend together and then a smaller number of modules focusing on your area of professional focus (APF).

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