Colleges and Universities Offering Certificate in C# Programming in South Africa

  • Course Name: Certificate in C# Programming (C#)
  • Major Subject: C#
  • Course Category: Certificate Courses

Institutions Offering Certificate in C# Programming

  •  DAM Technical College, Pretoria  
    Course content

    (i) Getting started with C#

    (ii) C#.NET Variables

    (iii) Conditional Logic

    (iv) Loops

    (v) Add Menus to your Forms

    (vi) Debugging your Application (Try …. Catch) Methods

    (vii) Understanding Arrays

    (viii) String Manipulation

    (ix) Events

    (x) Classes and Objects

    (xi) Manipulating Files

    (xii) Databases (SQL)

    (xiii) Multiple Forms

    (xiv) Date and Time

    Course duration: Four semesters
  •  INTEC College, Cape Town  
    Duration: 12 months

    Minimum entry requirement:
    Grade 10 (Std. 8) or equivalent with PC Literacy using Windows operating systems, or relevant work experience.
  •  IT Academy, Cape Town  
  •  Y2K College, Johannesburg  
  •  School of IT, Cape Town  
  •  Springfield FET College, Rustenburg  
  •  Rock of Springs College, Brits  

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