Colleges and Universities Offering Search Engine Optimizations in Nigeria

  • Course Name: Search Engine Optimizations(SEO)
  • Major Subject: SEO
  • Course Category: Certificate Courses

Institutions Offering Search Engine Optimizations

  • FlamyTech Computer School FlamyTech Computer School, Lagos  
    Course name: Diploma in Web Design and Search Engine Optimization

    Course requirements
    Eligible students of Diploma in Web Design and SEO should be comfortable using computers.

    Course content
    (i) Introduction to Web Design

    (ii) HTML

    (iii) CSS3

    (iv) HTML5

    (v) UX Design

    (vi) HTML Sitemap

    (vii) XML Sitemap

    (viii) Robots Exclusion Protocol

    (ix) Building Complete Website

    (x) On-page SEO

    (xi) Off-page SEO

    (xii) Google Search Console

    (xiii) Bing Webmaster Tools

    (xiv) Becoming an SEO Expert

    (xv) Adobe Photoshop

    Course duration: Two months
  • HiiT Plc HiiT Plc, Abuja  
    Duration: 3 days
  • Lagos City Computer College Lagos City Computer College, Lagos  

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