Colleges and Universities Offering Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems in Ireland

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Institutions Offering Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems

  • University College Cork University College Cork, Cork  
    Duration: 4 years

    Teaching Mode: Full-time

    Course Outline:
    The BSc in Business Information Systems (BIS) specializes in the key skills that are essential to the success of professionals in modern information technology and information systems.
    The goals of this four-year degree course are to:
    • educate: provide a worthwhile and memorable student experience
    • collaborate: join with business to ensure BIS students gain cutting edge skills in business and IT, while also linking with businesses to provide innovative IS-related expertise
    • innovate: cultivate and apply expertise in teaching, research and development.
    Our BIS Advisory Board, comprising a number of the most senior Irish business executives, is there to advise and ensure UCC BIS courses are world-class, relevant, and attractive to businesses nationally and internationally.

    Year 1 Modules:
    Starting with introductory business and IT modules, the first half of Year 1 is designed to ensure all students are equally skilled to successfully complete the course.
    • IS1108 Introduction to Information Systems in Business (5 credits);
    • IS1109 Business Systems Analysis (5 credits);
    • AC1113 Principles of Accounting (5 credits);
    • EC1212 Economics of Business (5 credits);
    • IS1110 Introduction to Principles of Programming (5 credits);
    • IS1111 Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming (5 credits);
    • ST1023 Introduction to Business Statistics (5 credits);
    • IS1112 Introduction to Technology and the Internet (5 credits);
    • IS1113 Introduction to Internet Development (5 credits);
    • IS1115 Personal Development for IS Professionals 1 (5 credits);
    • AC1114 Introduction to Management Accounting (5 credits);
    • MG1004 Introduction to Management and Organization (5 credits);
    • MG1003 Introduction to Marketing (5 credits)

    Year 2 Modules
    Modules follow on from Year 1 (with choices available) but are taught at an advanced level, with the purpose of preparing you for work experience in Year 3.
    Object Oriented Business Modelling, Systems Analysis and Design; Principles and Practice of Systems Development; Business Microeconomics; Introduction to Database Theory; Databases in Organizations; Intermediate Management Accounting 1; Introduction to Java Programming; Object-Oriented Application Design and Development; Design Thinking and Visual Prototyping; Personal Development for IS Professionals 2
    Investment Appraisal; Introduction to Food Supply Chain Management; People and Organization; Enterprise Planning and Processes; Management and Marketing; Consumer Behaviour and Sustainable Consumption; Business Ethics and Governance

    Year 3 Modules:
    This is the shortest in academic terms. Examinations take place in February, after which you will spend six months on a paid business internship.
    Networking & Cloud Computing; Web Application Development; Software Development and Operations; Organizational Information Systems Infrastructure; Personal Development for IS Professionals 3; Advanced Database Management Systems; Economics of Information

    Year 4 Modules:
    Personal Development for IS Professionals 4; Research Project in Information Systems; Information Systems Strategy; Information Systems Management; Advanced Topics in Information Systems
    Management Accounting: Planning and Control; Management Accounting: Performance and Decision Making; Innovation and Technology; Economics of Strategy; Information Systems Security; Information Systems Controls and Security Policy; Enterprise Systems; Enterprise Data Management; Global Payment Systems; Global Markets; Web Application Development; Value Analysis of New Business Forms; Advanced Tools and Methods for IS Development; Software Quality and Standards; Principles of Interaction Design; Advanced Interaction Design; Principles of Mobile Systems Development; Advanced Mobile Systems Design and Development; IT Solution Selling and Digital Business; Technology and Solutions for the Sales Process and the Management of Global Business; The Management of Organizational Change; Leadership and Organizational Dynamics.
  • Galway Mayo Institute of Technology Galway Mayo Institute of Technology, Galway  
    Duration: 4 Years

    Method of Delivery: On Campus

    Mode of Study: Full Time
  • National University of Ireland National University of Ireland, Galway  

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