Colleges and Universities Offering Private Pilot Licence in South Africa

  • Course Name: Private Pilot Licence(Pilot)
  • Major Subject: Pilot
  • Course Category: Certificate Courses

Institutions Offering Private Pilot Licence

  •  Johannesburg School of Flying, Johannesburg  
    (a) Student Pilot License (SPL)

    Course requirements

    (i) One must be 16 years of age; however training may commence before this age.

    (ii) A medical examination (Class I or II) must be done by a qualified aviation medical doctor.

    (iii) One must pass a technical examination of the aircraft chosen to train on, and a student pilot exam.

    (iv) 2 passport size photos will be required

    (v) Pay the fee to issue the SPL.

    (b) Private Pilot License (PPL)

    (i) A valid Student Pilot License.

    (ii) One will need to accumulate a minimum of 45 hrs of flight training, of which: minimum 25 hrs Dual flight instruction, minimum 15 hrs Solo (this must include at least 5 hrs solo cross-country flying) 5 hrs dual instruction can be done on an approved flight simulator FNPTII.

    (iii) Successfully pass 8 online PPL examinations (pass mark 75%).

    (iv) Complete a English Language Proficiency Test (if required).

    (v) Pass a Restricted Radio License course.

    (vi) One must be minimum 17 years of age in order to take your 2 practical flight tests.

    (vii) Once one has accumulated the required flying hours in his/her logbook and passed all examinations and tests, all their training documentation will be checked and sent to the CAA.
  •  Aeronav Academy, Johannesburg  
    Entry requirements

    (i) 17+ years old

    (ii) Able to read, write and speak English fluently. If you completed maths, science & geography at school this will help but is not a set requirement.

    (iii) A Class II aviation medical is required.
    This can be obtained through an Aviation Medical Examiner.
    We recommend students complete their medical within the first 5 hours of training

    (iv) 45 hours minimum total flight time of which 30 hours is dual instruction (with a flight instructor) and 15 hours is flown solo.

    (v) Students must sit for online SACAA examinations with a pass score of 75% or better in the following subjects:

    (a) Navigation

    (b) Meteorology

    (c) Principles of flight

    (d) Engines, Airframes and Instruments (ATG)

    (e) Air Law

    (f) Flight Planning

    (g) Human Performance
  •  Paramount Aviation Academy, Bethlehem   
    Entry requirements

    (i) Students are declared medically fit by an approved aviation medical examiner. We are able to assist you in making the relevant appointments.

    (ii) One must be at least 15 for your SPL , 16 to go solo and 17 years of age before you can obtain your Private Pilot Licence.

    (iii) Meet the English Language Proficiency standards.

    (iv) Student Pilot Licence, medical and excess insurance must be in place prior to the first flight.

    In addition, students need to have passed in the following subjects with a pass mark of at least 75%:

    (i) Flight Planning and Performance

    (ii) Human Performance and Limitations

    (iii) Aircraft Technical and General

    (iv) Restricted Radio Telephony Certificate

    (v) Principles of Flight

    (vi) Air Law

    (vii) Meteorology

    (viii) Navigation
  •  Eagle Flight Academy, Hartswater  
    Course requirements

    (i) Applicants should be at least 16 years of age for a student pilot license and to go solo.

    (ii) A student should be at least 17 years of age to be issued with a private pilot license.

    (iii) Hold a class 2 or higher medical license.

    (iv) Hold a valid student pilot license

    (v) Valid restricted radio certificate

    (v) Complete not less than 45 hrs flight time as pilot of an aeroplane

    In addition, students must have passed in the following subjects:

    (i) General Navigation

    (ii) Human Performance

    (iii) Flight Planning and Performance

    (iv) Skill test on type

    (v) Principals of Flight

    (vi) Air Law

    (vii) Aviation Meteorology

    (viii) Engines, Airframes & Instruments
  •  Starlite Aviation Group, Durban   
    Course content

    (i) Radio Telephony: Restricted Radio License

    (ii) Air Law – Helicopter

    (iii) Aircraft General – Engines and Airframes – Helicopter

    (iv) Human Performance

    (v) Principals of Flight – Helicopter

    (vi) Aviation Meteorology

    (vii) General Navigation

    (viii) Flight Performance and Planning – Helicopter

    Course requirements

    (i) 45 hours flying time

    (ii) Be 16 years of age to go solo

    (iii) Be at least 17 years of age to obtain a PPL (H)

    (iv) Be able to read, speak, write and understand English and pass the English Proficiency Examination

    (v) A Class I or II Aviation Medical: We can assist your Aviation Medical appointment
  •  43 Air School, Port Alfred  
    Course content

    (i) Aircraft Flying

    (ii) Simulator Flying

    (iii) Courseware and equipment

    (iv) Theoretical Ground school

    Entry requirements

    (i) ICAO English Language Proficiency Level 4

    (ii) South African Aviation Medical (Class 2)

    (iii) 17 Years or older on Qualification

    (iv) Recommended: School Mathematics, Physical Science and English

    (v) South African CAA Private Pilot Licence

    (vi) Radio Licence

    (vi) Type Ratings: (a) Piper Cherokee 140 PA 28-140

    (b) Piper Cherokee 180 PA 28-180

    Course duration: 84 days
  •  Madiba Bay School of Flight, Port Elizabeth  
    Requirements for a private pilot license :

    -Be 17 years or older
    -Hold a valid class 1 or 2 medical aviation certificate
    -Hold at least a valid restricted certificate of proficiency in radio-telephony
    -Show evidence of holding a valid Student Pilot License
    -Have successfully completed the training at an approved Part 141 air school
    -Passed the theoretical knowledge examination required
    -Passed the practical skills test
    -Completed not less than 45 hours flight time as pilot of an aeroplane with a mass in excess of 450 kg of which
    -At least 25 hours are dual instruction
  •  Central Flying Academy, Johannesburg  
    The training involves the following elements:

    (i) Ab-initio phase

    (ii) Solo phase

    (iii) Advanced flying phase

    (iv) Cross phase

    (v) Basic instrument flying phase(optional)

    (vi) PPL test preparation phase

    (vii) PPL test phase

    SACCA PPL theoretical subjects:

    (i) Air Law

    (ii) Flight Planning & Performance

    (iii) Navigation

    (iv) Radio Telephony

    (v) Aircraft Technical & General

    (vi) Human Performance

    (vii) Principles of flight
  •  Eagle Air Flight School, Pretoria  
    Entry requirements

    (i) Applicants must be at least 17 years old.

    (ii) Students must be eligible to live in South Africa.

    (iii) International students must have a study VISA.

    (iv) Students must be proficient in English.

    (v) Students must have a valid ID or Passport.

    (vi) Students must pass an Aviation Medical Exam

    (vii) Eagle Air has no academic requirements.

    (viii) Mathematics, Physical Science and Geography will be a great benefit – but this is not compulsory.
  •  The Algoa Flying Club, Port Elizabeth  
    Course entry requirements
    -Be 17 years or older – however, your training may begin at age 16.
    -Hold a valid Class 1 or Class 2 medical certificate.
    -Hold at least a valid restricted certificate of proficiency in radiotelephony (aeronautical).
    -There is a Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) exam that must be written and passed.

    Mode of study
    -Part time
    -Full time

    Course duration: 8-10 weeks
  •  Africa Aviation Academy, Germiston  
    Course requirements

    (i) There are no official academic requirements; however, we strongly recommend that the student has completed English, Mathematics and Physical Science/Geography in their Matric year at school.

    (ii) The candidate must be at least 16 years old and Pass a Class 2 Medical Examination.(This examination must be conducted by an SACAA approved aviation doctor)
  •  Progress Flight Academy, Port Elizabeth  
    The PPL course has four distinct phases;
    - pre-solo manoeuvres to first solo flight,
    - solo consolidation and advanced manoeuvres,
    - navigation flights, and
    - revision and flight tests.
    Private Pilot training courses commence every six weeks, and duration is twelve weeks
  •  Airborne Aviation Flight School, Johannesburg  
    Course entry requirements
    -The student must 17 years or older
    -High school or equivalent as a minimum education
    -Good command of the English language.
    -Have to passed the theoretical knowledge examinations.
    -Class II Medical certificate by a South African CAA.
  •  Flight Training College (FTC), George  
  •  Helicopter Pilot Training Centre, Port Elizabeth  

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