Colleges and Universities Offering Commercial Pilot Licence CPL in Kenya

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Institutions Offering Commercial Pilot Licence CPL

  • 99 Flying School 99 Flying School, Nairobi  
    Course Entry Requirements:
    - The minimum age for one to be issued with a Commercial Pilot License is 18.
    - One must demonstrate the ability to read, speak, write and understand the English language.
    - Be in possession of a valid Class 1 Medical certificate.
    - Be in possession of a valid Private Pilot’s License.
    - Achieve minimum flight time as stipulated in the Civil aviation regulations.
    - Pass all stipulated theory examinations.
  • West Rift Aviation Limited West Rift Aviation Limited, Nairobi  
    The CPL Certificate is the 'professional flying career' certificate allowing you to be compensated as a pilot. During your course you will learn about the privileges and limitations you have as a Commercial Pilot, and receive in depth training in the systems and operations of your aircraft. You will learn to operate your aircraft to its maximum capabilities in high performance maneuvers and achieve a new level mastery and safety.
  • Flitestar Academy Flitestar Academy, Nairobi  

    - Minimum age of 17 years.
    - Minimum educational qualification of mean grade C+ or equivalent with atleast grade C+ in English, Mathematics, Physics/Chemistry and Geography.
    - Fully filled Admission form.
    - Copy of National ID or passport.
    - Certificate of Good Conduct.
    - Two passport sized photos.

    Course Duration: 7-12 months

    Minimum Flight Hours: 170
  • Wings over Africa Aviation Limited Wings over Africa Aviation Limited, Nairobi  
    The Commercial Pilot License (CPL) training course can last for 8-12 months.
    It combines ground lessons (11 Theory Papers) with flight training.
    The theory for CPL is much more in-depth than PPL, and the flight training more rigorous.
    For a student to get the commercial pilot license, he/she must have flown 160 hours and appear in a General Flight Test (GFT) conducted by a KCAA approved examiner.
  • Proactive Flight Training Proactive Flight Training, Nairobi  
    Joining Requirements:
    - Minimum age of 17 years.
    - KCSE certificate with minimum of C+ or equivalent in relevant field.
    - National I.D or passport.
    - Completed admission form
    - Valid Medical Certificate
    - Valid Student Pilot Licence

    Course Duration: 8-12 months.
  • Nairobi Flight Training Nairobi Flight Training, Nairobi  
    Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) is he second stage of pilot training, taking an approximate duration of 8-9 months. The minimum approved flight hours for CPL grant by KCAA is 200 hours.
  • Skymax Flying School Skymax Flying School, Nairobi  
    - The course prepares one to achieve a commercial pilot licence as issued by the CAA.
    Course Duration: 8-12 months
    - The Minimum Flying Hours is 200 hrs.
  • Alpha Aviation Alpha Aviation, Nairobi  
    - Be at least eighteen years of age;
    - Be in possession of a Class 1 Medical Certificate.
    - Hold a Kenyan Private Pilot License.
  • Mt. Kenya Flight School Mt. Kenya Flight School, Nanyuki  
    This opens the door to your career as a commercial pilot as you work your way towards your career goals. Private Pilot License is a Prerequisite.
  • Flight Training Centre Flight Training Centre, Nairobi  
    Course Duration: 7 to 12 months.
  • Kenya School of Flying Kenya School of Flying, Nairobi  
    Course Duration: 8-12 months.
  • Standards Aviation Flying School Standards Aviation Flying School, Nairobi  
    Minimum Flying Hours: 160
  • Pegasus Flyers (EA) Limited Pegasus Flyers (EA) Limited, Nairobi  
  • Sicham Aviation Ltd Sicham Aviation Ltd, Nairobi  
  • Moi University Moi University, Eldoret  
  • Capital Connect Aviation Capital Connect Aviation, Nairobi  

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