Colleges and Universities Offering Online Graduate Certificate in Blockchain Enabled Business in Australia

  • Course Name: Online Graduate Certificate in Blockchain Enabled Business()
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Institutions Offering Online Graduate Certificate in Blockchain Enabled Business

  • RMIT University RMIT University, Melbourne  
    Full time 9 months, Part-time 1 year

    Electives and program structure:
    As part of this course, you will complete four subjects:

    Blockchain and the Cryptoeconomy:
    Be introduced to blockchain and understand how distributed ledger technology can drive the economy, markets, firms, and the government. You will also explore the ethical and political challenges and implications of blockchain.

    This course explores the fundamentals of money and cryptofinance, as well as the financial and valuation theories of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum.

    Blockchain Strategy:
    Through this course, you’ll understand the potential of blockchain in transforming industries and societies. You’ll develop a strategic plan and design a blockchain ecosystem that considers factors such as functional requirements, coding and data storage, and scalability.

    Law and Policy for Emerging Technologies:
    This course examines the emergence of new technologies and business models over the past decade and the impact that they have had on society, ethics, law, regulation and policy. You will dissect the pressures emerging technologies such as blockchain place on current regulatory approaches and frameworks. Traditional approaches to regulation and policy development and key examples of current regulation will be examined. You will study a range of theories and approaches to developing fit-for-purpose regulation and be equipped with the skills and knowledge to develop policy and regulation that can keep pace with technological change.

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