Colleges and Universities Offering Bachelor of Mechatronic Engineering in Ireland

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Institutions Offering Bachelor of Mechatronic Engineering

  • Dublin City University Dublin City University, Dublin  
    Delivery Modes: Full-Time

    Duration: 4 years

    About the course:
    This four-year BEng (Honours) Degree with the option to do a 5th year integrated Masters degree (decision to choose the 5th year option is made after 2nd year and subject to achieving a H2.2 or higher in Years 1 and 2) has 8 academic themes addressing a particular aspect of Mechatronic engineering. The degree begins with fundamental scientific principles and leads through to a set of modules dealing with design, analysis, manufacture and modelling of electromechanical products and systems.
    The undergraduate programme focuses on eight core areas:
    • Basic Science and Mathematics — As the roots of mechatronic engineering are in the sciences and mathematics, you’ll undergo courses in the basic sciences and engineering mathematics.
    • Electronic Circuit and Systems Design—Electronic components and systems are explored through electronics modules as well as modules on analogue and digital circuits and systems.
    • Mechanical Systems Design and Analysis — Materials Engineering, Fundamentals of Mechanics, Strength of Materials and the Mechanics of Machines provide a foundation for design and analysis of mechanical components and systems.
    • Software — Software design and analysis are integral parts of mechatronic engineering. Modules introducing general techniques of software development are given in Years One and Two, with a focus on Embedded Systems in Year Two. You’ll also be introduced to specific software tools through modules and project work.
    • Mechatronic/Electromechanical System Design — A key emphasis of this programme is to unite the disciplines of mechanical engineering and electronic engineering. Modules such as the first-year project, the third-year group project and the Year Four project are designed to develop mechatronic skills and awareness. In addition, another core area of mechatronic engineering is the design of electromechanical systems — systems that consist of both electrical and mechanical elements. A substantial part of the final year of the course is devoted to the design, simulation, analysis and control of such systems. The Mobile Robotics module is entirely project-based and embodies the key principles of mechatronic engineering. It is organized around a specific robotic design challenge and is intended to give you an opportunity to integrate and expand your knowledge in several different core areas: digital and analogue electronics, mechanics, software development and control systems.
    • Automated Manufacture — Another core area of Mechatronic Engineering is the use of electronics, embedded systems and software in the automation of manufacturing and assembly. In the fourth year, a significant emphasis is placed on autonomous technology and manufacturing automation.
    • Project Based Learning — You’ll complete various projects during your four years, culminating in a major individual project in Year Four. Students’ projects normally include elements of research, design, component sourcing, construction, testing and documentation. All projects must be based on at least two of the three core mechatronic elements (namely, mechanical, electronic and software design components).
    • Experiential Learning — In Year Three you’ll undertake an industrial work placement for six months (referred to as INTRA). This is usually with a business in Ireland but opportunities may arise abroad and there are also some research positions within DCU.
  • Technological University Dublin Technological University Dublin, Dublin  
    Duration: 4 years

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