Colleges and Universities Offering Graduate Certificate in Dermatology in Ireland

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Institutions Offering Graduate Certificate in Dermatology

  • Dublin City University Dublin City University, Dublin  
    Delivery Modes: Part-Time

    Duration: 1 year

    About the course:
    The structure of the Grad Cert award will comprise 30 credits. Students will undertake three modules in total: two 10 credit core modules and one 10 credit option module. Aimed at busy professionals wishing to study part-time, the programme offers two pathways of study (determined by their clinical work setting):

    Pathway 1 offers three specialist, clinically focused modules of interest to those working with dermatology clients i.e. hospital based dermatology roles/settings. It offers candidates with a special interest in skin conditions, the opportunity to build upon and consolidate existing competencies, progressing towards advanced roles in dermatology nursing.

    Pathway 2 offers modules to candidates working in a variety of settings where clients present with skin conditions including those requiring minor surgical skin procedures. This course is open to many nurses such as tissue viability nurses, GP practice nurses, PHN/ Community nurses amongst others, and provides the opportunity to progress towards advanced practice roles i.e., minor injury/day surgery units, acute and community-based care settings.

    Core Modules:

    NS5077 Chronic Skin Conditions module focuses on commonly occurring chronic dermatological conditions and their management within acute and community-based care settings.

    NS5057 Surgical Skills for Healthcare Practitioners provides candidates with the opportunity to develop and consolidate minor surgical skills capability, i.e. cryosurgery, wound debridement, lesion identification, local anaesthetic administration, suturing, punch biopsies and curettage, abscess and cyst management. Candidates will need to work in an area where they are likely to encounter the need to undertake minor surgical skin procedures.

    Optional Modules

    Pathway 1

    NS5102 Dermatology Treatments and Therapies focuses on both common and less common skin conditions requiring specialist topical and systemic treatments and therapies.

    Pathway 2

    NS558 Advancing Evidence-based Practice will provide participants with the knowledge, skills and core competencies needed to utilise evidence-based practice within clinical settings. Note, the offer of this module is dependent on sufficient interest being expressed

    The programme will be delivered using a blended learning approach. Face to face lectures and skill demonstrations will be augmented with innovative technological approaches. Attendance is required for four days per module.

    Modules on the programme are also available to undertake on a stand alone basis. Candidates who do not wish to apply for the Graduate Certificate programme can undertake single modules only but need to apply separately. Please note, it will not be possible to seek the award of Graduate Certificate in Dermatology retrospectively where all three modules comprising the programme are registered for and undertaken on a stand alone basis.

    Candidates who have previously successfully completed dermatology Stand alone modules in DCU will be eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning when registering for the Graduate Certificate Award.
    Gain specialist education in dermatology
    Advance knowledge and skills in the care of people with dermatological conditions

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