Colleges and Universities Offering Bachelor of Commerce (International with French) in Ireland

  • Course Name: Bachelor of Commerce (International with French)()
  • Major Subject:
  • Course Category: Degree Courses

Institutions Offering Bachelor of Commerce (International with French)

  • National University of Ireland National University of Ireland, Galway  
    Course Outline:
    Course Outline - Year 1:
    • Principles of Microeconomics/Macroeconomics
    • Introduction to Management Accounting/Financial Accounting
    • Business Information Systems and Information Management for Business
    • Mathematics and Statistics for Business
    • Contemporary Marketing Thought
    • Contemporary Management Thought
    • French

    Course Outline - Year 2:
    • French
    • Inferential Statistical Methods for Business
    • Marketing Management
    • Applied Microeconomics for Business
    • Management Accounting I
    • Organisational Psychology
    • Business Finance I or Work & Employment Relations
    • Macroeconomics & the Business Environment or Business Law I
    • Plus one optional subject from the following:
    o International Financial Reporting I
    o Economics of Public Policy
    o Introduction to Financial Economics
    o Advances Statistical Methods for Business
    o Management of Organisational Change
    o The Psychology of Consumer Behaviour
    o Information Systems & Project Management

    Course Outline - Year 3:
    • Students follow courses in languages and business studies at a university in France.

    Course Outline - Year 4:
    • Ireland in the Global Economy
    • Business Strategy
    • Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise
    • French
    • Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Plus the opportunity to choose courses from the following areas:
    o Accounting & Performance Measurement
    o Economics and Public Policy
    o Management of Human Resources
    o Management Information Systems
    o Marketing Management
    o Business Law
    o Operations/Logistics
    o Digital Business and Analytics
    o International Business
    o Enterprise

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