Colleges and Universities Offering Bachelor of Science in Genetics and Genomics in Ireland

  • Course Name: Bachelor of Science in Genetics and Genomics()
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  • Course Category: Degree Courses

Institutions Offering Bachelor of Science in Genetics and Genomics

  • National University of Ireland National University of Ireland, Galway  
    Course Outline:
    Graduates will be uniquely trained to integrate knowledge and skills from the biological sciences with mathematical, computational and data analytic skills. This multi-disciplinary course covers a range of biological, mathematical and computer science topics:
    • Medicine: the genetic basis of rare and common human diseases and how genomics uncovers genes that contribute to illness.
    • Agri-bioscience: the genetic and biological origins of agriculture; food security and sustainable development.
    • Microbiology: microbial genetics and key medical and environmental impacts of microorganisms.
    • Evolution: evolutionary biology, including natural selection and the genetic mechanisms that shape evolution.
    • Informatics: computer programming and mathematical and algorithmic methods to solve problems in molecular genetics.
    The final year project will allow students to apply their knowledge in a research laboratory.
    Students will benefit from group learning in a small class size, and will graduate with a broad range of skills including communication, teamwork, critical thinking and problem solving. These skills are called transferable because they will transfer and be useful in a broad range of careers post-graduation.
    Your Course Year by Year

    • Chemistry: Molecular Science
    • Mathematics (Honours level)
    • Computer Science
    • Introduction to Genetics & Genomics
    • Biomedical Genomics: Research and Communication

    • Genetics, Medicine & Disease
    • Molecular & Cellular Biology
    • Protein Structure & Function
    • Plant & Agribiosciences
    • Microbiology
    • Evolution
    • Mathematics (Mathematical Molecular Biology, Statistics in Data Science)
    • Biomedical Genomics: Seminars and Essays

    • Molecular & Cellular Biology
    • Microbial Genomics
    • Evolutionary Biology
    • Human Genetics
    • Plant and Agricultural Genetics
    • Bioinformatics
    • Genomic Analysis
    • Research & Career Development Skills
    • Plus Electives: Developmental Biology, Applied Statistics, Programming, Mathematical Molecular Biology

    • Research Project
    • Literature Review
    • Advanced Chromosome Biology
    • Molecular & Cellular Biology
    • Biotechnology
    • Plant Genetics & Systems Biology
    • Current Topics in Biosciences
    • Medical Genomics & Bioethics
    • Plus Electives: Machine Learning and Data Mining, Information Management, Probabilistic Models for Molecular Biology, Microbial Gene Regulation

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